Lots of Time before your Flight? Try Airport Shopping

By The Flying Pinto

It was hard to find the perfect luxury holiday destination for our vacations. We were looking for the perfect place where we could relax and let our hair down and were lucky to find the right one. Our vacations flew by as we soaked ourselves in the various activities and explored the place.

Though shopping was also in our to-do list, our itinerary did not allow much time for it. However, that was the least of our concerns as we knew that our airport stopovers would give us ample time to indulge in retail therapy. Having heard so much about airport shopping in Gatwick and Heathrow, we were looking forward to exploring the shops while waiting for our next flight.

With an increase in the range of shops and merchandise that an airport has, shopping here could not get better. It comes with a host of advantages that makes it all the more fun.

There is a whole range of shops with variety of products on offer. There are also many high street and luxury brand outlets at the airports, which provide a traveller with a whole lot of choices.

There is no need to take out additional time for shopping at the malls or markets. Airport shopping can be done while waiting for your flight and is perfect for people like us, who are always hard stripped for time.

Many airports, such as Manchester and Heathrow, offer advanced web-ordering services that offer discounts of up to 20 % on products. All you need to do is select a product of your choice, reserve it online and collect it when you are at the airport.

Shopping in an airport is great for saving money as well. They always have deals and discounts, especially on products like jewellery, perfumes and cosmetics.

Moreover, many products on the airport are duty-free that makes them more cost-effective and easy on your pocket.

Electronic items like iPods, phones and cameras are available at discounted prices too at the shops in an airport.

Retail stores at the airports stock a varied range of gift sets, which were ideal for us to take for our families back home.

If you are wary of having to carry your shopping bags on your vacations like us, then you have another reason to smile. Most airports now offer pick-up on return service that allows you to collect your bags when you return from your holidays!

Airport shopping helped us save a lot of time that we would have otherwise been forced to spend in markets or malls during our vacation. We shopped to our heart’s delight and left our bags at the counters and collected them on our return. It could not have got more convenient than this!


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  1. One thing to watch for is warranty on electronics and watches etc… Just make sure you sign the right paperwork or visit the website, so there will be no problems in the future.
    Just saying …… Happy shopping

  2. I do strongly agree to spend your little time shopping in the airport. Most of them are duty free which could help you save some money. I always shop 2 hours before boarding and I end up with 3 or 4 bags of duty free as always.

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