By The Flying Pinto

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When I first came across this I thought it would make a great commercial on Saturday Night Live…it probably would…but after closer inspection I started to realize,”hmmmm…they could be onto something.” Check it out. For any of you hard core Travel Girls, campers or just plain germ phobes (me, I’m a squatter, thank you very much: ) this could be just the thing.

Ladies, send me an e-mail…[email protected] and let me know, why you must have this product. I will pick the best answer and send you one! E-mail me by next Thursday, March 19. I will announce the winner on Friday and will be publishing your answer so don’t be shy;-)

Check out their site for more product details




  1. OMG…what an awesome giveaway! I have seen this online a few times, and am not sure I’d ever purchase it..but I’d definitely try it if I won. There’s also another similar idea out there called the “shenis” but this one is a bit more tasteful.

  2. camerapilot @ 2009-03-12 15:55

    If you have to relieve yourself in LA and there isn’t a fast food chain that you can duck into, get ready to revisit your childhood.
    If you try asking a private business here in LA to help you out, well it would be like a Hutu walking into a Tutsi village.
    I got stuck in LA traffic and there are no Golden Arches on the horizon and I don’t have a GO GUY/PILOT’S BUDDY/GO GIRL and there is no foliage just a very high cinder block wall along the freeway.
    Improvise, adapt, survive, Semper Fi! I pull over onto the shoulder, pop the hood of my truck, stick my head in and feign a mechanical problem at the same moment I, I’m not going to be vulgar. Lets just say that if anyone glanced over while passing they would have noticed a man with a truck that had a busted radiator.
    That device you have should be on par with sunglasses, purses and wallets.. Don’t leave home without it.

  3. where'veyoubeen @ 2009-03-12 17:43

    This is amazing. And hysterical.

  4. The Flying Pinto @ 2009-03-13 17:01

    CP…too funny!See, imagine being female:)

  5. camerapilot @ 2009-03-13 17:38

    I feel your pain.