One of my tips for families traveling is to stay at a hotel that offers amenities like a kitchen. They generally run about the same cost as other hotels in their class, yet you save so much money from being able to eat in. I had the pleasure of being hosted by Staybridge Suites in Charlotte, NC last night. When we arrived the hotel was bustling with activity. We were actually wondering what was going on. It was happy hour! The staff was extremely welcoming and invited us to join the crowd. We were offered complimentary wine, beer and sandwiches. You know I always travel with food so my kitchen worked out great. I was able to hang out with everyone, and put my own food in the fridge for my trip back today. Staybridge Suites also offer complimentary breakfast too, another thing to be sure and check out before booking your next room! Those little things can add up to a big savings. Of course we were too nervous to eat before our TV appearance, but the coffee was a big help!

Speaking of travel tips, check out our appearance on Charlotte Today. Gailen has a little surprise at the end!



  1. You really had the flight attendant look going on. You might want to be more aggressive about jumping in with your part of the presentation, you almost got bumped!

  2. The Flying Pinto @ 2010-12-11 06:05

    lol! Thanks! I’m kind of going for that “flight attendant” look;-) I did almost get bumped, but we figured out what happened…it’s a learning experience each time! I’ve got that problem solved for our next appearance, I’ll be talking first;)

  3. Glad you enjoyed the Carolina Hospitality! Staybridge is one of my favorites!!