My Favorite (Kids Travel) Things

By The Flying Pinto

This year for my favorite things I am going to post two lists one for my favorite kids travel things and one for everyone. I travel frequently with my four year old and I’m always trying to stream line and make our journey as stress free as possible, here are some of my favorite things! If you travel a lot with your kids here are some things to put on your list for Santa:

iPad This is actually something we share. Great for kids shows, books, taking pictures, taking videos and so much more. It really is an all in one travel device for the whole family. Bonus: Most US cities don’t require you to take it out of your bag for TSA security screening!
Kidz Gear (retail $19.99) With the iPad you need headphones. Most airlines require that if you are listening to audio you must have headphones. And, it’s just common courtesy, not everyone wants to hear Dora the Explorer! 🙂 Kidz Gear wired headphones for kids are awesome adult quality headphones that fit your little ones head. They also come with a volume limit cable to limit audio volume to approximately 80% (~ 20dB lower) of original maximum volume. Love them.
LUSH Bubble Bars ($5-$10) We still have to take baths when traveling and Lucy’s favorite way to do that is with LUSH Bubble Bars! They make your entire hotel room smell good! TSA Safe, no liquids;)
Triangle Crayons ($6.26 on Amazon) Melissa and Doug make triangle crayons. Why are triangle crayons great for air travel? They don’t roll off the tray table! Genius!
Disposable Place Mats ($9.95 for 20 count) These Sesame Street place mats are disposable and biodegradable! The airlines have to turn planes quickly, which means they clean them in between flights…quickly! The average time to clean an aircraft is seven minutes. Not a lot of time to clean tray tables, so unless a passenger brings it to our attention we have no idea if there’s a mess. And, with all the gross disgusting things I’ve seen passengers do on tray tables the first thing I do when we level off is put one on Lucy’s tray table!
C.A.R.E.S. (Child Aviation Restraint System) (retails for about $70) Weighs one pound, fits easily in your carry on and keeps your child safe. FAA approved, no car seat required! Fits children 22-44lbs.
Traveling Toddler Car Seat Travel Accessory ($14.99) A long name for a small product! This little strap is fantastic if you are bringing your car seat along. It attaches the car seat to your suitcase and your little one can roll with your bags. Every stage and age requires a little adjustment to your travel strategy. This worked great from 0-1 before we used the CARES Harness.
GoGo Kidz Travel Mate ($78 at From GoGo Babyz another option for rolling a car seat. This is a great product if you usually check your luggage. Weighs only 5lbs. and Folds up and easily fits in the overhead bin.
Side Kick Sling and Diaper Bag ($119) Another Fave, also from GoGo Babyz is this combination sling and diaper bag. You can throw your CARES right inside the bag, sling the kid and still have a free hand to pull your carry-on! Easy breezy!

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  1. Using a normal luggage cart works just ad well, even better than the overpriced Gogo Travelmate. Any Kmart, etc. sells them. Folding luggage carts were not allowed in over head bins on my airline for safety reasons. Stow on the floor.