Last week I talked about making your trip through security easier by not traveling with liquids and how there are great products out there in solid form. Everything from shampoos and conditioners to make-up. So, what do you do with all those cute little hotel bottles of shampoo, conditioner and lotions if you just can’t resist taking them home? I mean some hotels actually give out great products, everything from Bath and Body works to Aveda and even L’Occitane.

I have averaged two hotel rooms a night for many years, so as you can imagine the toiletries add up! I’ve come up with a few ideas on what to do with all my little shampoos!

  • Having company? Set your guest bath up like a hotel room bathroom. Your guests will appreciate the extra amenities, you can even include a shower cap. Just don’t leave too many bottles…you don’t want them staying too long:)
  • They make great gifts! Back in my reserve days when I didn’t have a lot of money to spend, I would buy small toiletry bags and fill them with hotel shampoos, conditioners and lotions and give them as gifts. Remember, not everyone you know travels a lot and they will appreciate the travel set for when they do. My sister loves anything to do with hotels!
  • Collect them and at the end of six months or a year bring them to your local homeless or women’s shelter. When I lived in a crash pad we had a huge barrel we used to dump them in upon return and we’d donate them at the end of the year.

What ideas do you have for hotel freebies?



  1. Cedarglen @ 2011-06-10 03:26

    Two rooms per night for many years? Duh?? You might also consider leaving the items that you do not actually use, rather than sealing them. It might reduce to total costs enough that your airline could afford a better hotel for your layovers. Just a thought… -C.

  2. I like the idea of donating these hotel amenities to a homeless shelter.

  3. Great ideas on what to do with toiletries. Especially like your suggestion of donating to homeless shelters !

  4. Great Ideas…