A  flight attendant career is glamorous! Or so I thought! I admit, I signed up for the glamour eighteen years ago, but I quickly learned that most of the glamor was gone from this industry. I was on my second trip as a new hire flight attendant, my uniform was crisp, my hair was pulled back in a perfect french twist to match my beautiful french manicure, and I had all the right accessories.

This particular day I was the aisle flight attendant when a passenger asked me if I would heat up a baby bottle. I knew just what to do! Now all I needed was a sick bag so I could fill it with hot water. I reached into a seat back pocket, grabbed a sick bag and pushed my hand inside to open it up. Feeling the still warm, oatmeal consistency on my hand is where the glamor ended for me. Yes folks, I had just stuck my manicured hands into fresh vomit!

You’ve heard about the gross things people do on airplanes. There’s classics like cutting toenails, walking barefoot around the plane, changing a baby diaper on the tray table…I could go on. I hate to admit it, but these are all behaviors I see or experience as a flight attendant every time I go to work.

I recently asked some co-workers to share the grossest things they have seen throughout the years as well. Warning, the answers even shocked me! Fasten your seat belts for…

The Top Ten Gross Things Flight Attendants Have Seen Passengers Do on Airplanes:

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  1. I have to laugh about the socks…I got a new pair of shoes for my airline pilot husband in the spring. After his first rainy walk-around, he quickly realized his shoes weren’t waterproof. When they finally got to cruise, DH told the CA that he needed to dry out his socks, so off his shoes and socks went. I think they shared a laugh about it…I hope the CA wasn’t grossed out LOL

  2. I agree the glamour left the industry a couple of decades. I remember the days when working for an airline was a big thing. In a way it is still exciting but the fun is definitely gone. The experience is just not the same, too many regulations, too many rules leading to more stressful passengers and cabins.

  3. I love it when the passengers actually have the nerve to put their feet up in between the seats so that their bare feet are right next to the other passengers seated in front of them!

    It sounds like you learned quickly and I always tell the passengers, “Don’t reach into the seat back pockets!” Or, in this case a sick bag that was in the seat back pocket. lol

  4. Read the top ten and feeling slightly ill. Don’t think I will complain about my job for a while! Number 7 and 8 were particularly horrendous. Will be doing several more checks of the seat and surrounds on my next flight! And will be downright cautious about reaching for the inflight magazine in the seat-back, never know what else might be there….

  5. 3-10 are gross. Breastfeeding is NOT gross. Shame on Sara Keagle for making fun of mothers trying to (gasp) feed their babies on a plane.

  6. Megan, neither of these mothers were actively breastfeeding. One was pumping and chose to expose her breasts. The other had failed to properly store her milk, causing a leak.

    I do not understand why some women feel that nursing their child precludes them from respecting our sense of decorum. I nursed my two children until they weaned themselves and was a ‘wet’ nurse for another child, but never did I feel the need to expose my breasts to the world. A receiving blanket carefully positioned covered me and still allowed me eye contact with the children. I used that technique on three transatlantic flights, as a matter of fact! It kept them from squalling and I kept my modesty.