With the recent flutter of activity and airlines finally doing some hiring my friend Elyse, Ms. Foodie International has decided to offer up some reasons why she’d make a great stew.  And although, I don’t recommend you use any of her top ten reasons she’d make a perfect flight attendant to convince any recruiter that you’re right for the job (except maybe #5) it’s probably still a good idea to check them out. Strangely enough, if this list rings true for you, you’ll probably fit right in!

We all know that I sent in my resume, and now I’m just waiting, nail-biting, anxious that I didn’t even make the initial computerized cut. I know I’m qualified for the job, but I’m much more attractive in person than on paper, or in this case on an electronic resume. In the meantime, these are my top ten reasons why pursuing a job as a flight attendant is the PERFECT career path for me:

10. I like being the first one on the plane.
9. I can say “beer” in at least ten languages
8. I enjoy looking at cell phone pictures of people’s cats
7. I need to complete my “souvenir” flatware collection
6. I have low maintenance hair
5. I’ll finally be able to call “it” crew juice
4. I like slides
3. I can sleep sitting up
2. I’m afraid of the ground
1. “Aisle surfing” is on my bucket list*

Thanks Elyse! You’ll want to follow Elyse’s foodie adventures at her blog, FoodieInternational.com and join the discussion on Facebook and twitter. I’m a flight attendant and I live vicariously through her! Think lots of travel, a home base in NYC, and Tuscany, with great food thrown in…well mostly great food…check it out, you’ll quickly know what I mean!

*When we ferry a plane free of passengers, crews allegedly do what is called aisle surfing. The pilots allegedly take off with a steep climb and flight attendants (again allegedly) sit or stand on meal trays and “surf” down the aisle.

*Meal tray: What the airlines used to use to serve food on for passenger meals.

Interested in becoming a flight attendant? Have an interview lined up? I’m offering phone consultations,  we’ll go over how to prepare for your interview, your appearance, the type of interview questions they will be asking,  and how your previous work and life experience can be highlighted to fit the job requirements of a flight attendant while leave time at the end for your questions. The fee is usually $90 for the hour long session but, I am running a special for the summer at $50. Email me at [email protected] for more information.



  1. Oh, I have another GREAT reason to become a FA…so your MOM can have flight benefits~also like FAs she can also say…”Marry me, fly free!!” Unless of course there is a “Dad” around.
    Thanks FP

  2. PS:Good luck Elyse! You’d make a great FA!!

  3. Reason #11 I love food that comes in little boxes!

  4. I’m planning on becoming a flight attendant for a Middle Eastern airline next year, I wonder if these apply?! XD

  5. This is certainly a riot to read. I always wonder what some people are thinking when they decide to become a flight attendant, especially those who have gotten hired and then quit almost immediately! There was a younger girl in my interview class that was pretty much kicked out when she said she wanted to be a flight attendant “since she was a little girl”. Although there is nothing wrong with that, I suppose the recruiter imagined that a little girls idea of a flight attendant is not a very good reality of the industry. At one point we had a high turnover because the recruiters were promising who knows what and when they found out that it does involve some real work, those newly hired flight attendants were heading down the slide with a beer.

    For me personally, I love to fly, I love to stay in hotels, I love people and I DON’T sit well. lol I am still laughing at #4 and #7 by the way. Thanks!

  6. Angel123 @ 2011-11-22 20:48

    Hi! I would not like to be a flight attendant. I dont have anything against them I just and afraid of turbulance!

  7. Hi! I am a 23 yr old that is in search of a career. After giving it much thought i came to the conclusion that i would like to be a FA. I do not have great experience in the work field(one year experience at family-owned business). having to sit in a cubicle or in an office seems so boring and limited in so many ways. I love traveling, i enjoy meeting new people, i love being active and multitasking … My reason for writing this comment is that i would like some help or info on how to start in this career field. I have done some search over the internet but found no conclusive info. I also went on the websites of different airlines but many do not have openings. Please, if there are any FAs willing to help i would love to hear how to kick start my career! thank you