Stocking Stuffers for the Traveler

By The Flying Pinto

Looking for last minute stocking stuffers for the traveler in your life? Here is a list of must haves for any flight attendant:

  • VIOlight Personal/Travel Toothbrush Sanitizer The convenient personal toothbrush sanitizer for people on-the-go!The Violight Personal/Travel Toothbrush Sanitizer usesĀ  germ-eliminating UV technology in a go-anywhere package. The germicidal light activates as soon as you close the lid, and in 6 minutes your toothbrush is sanitized and stored.
  • Travel Power Strip Ever been frustrated by lack of outlets in your hotel room? Me too!
  • Eco Tools Travel Set This is for the ladies. I love my eco tools travel make-up brushes.
  • Travel Laundry Clothes Line The Flexoline has loops on both ends that can stretch across the bathroom up to 7 feet and be attached to a shower head or towel rack.
  • Moleskine Journals Great for notes on your journey, lots of colors and designs to choose from they’re incredibly durable with thick acid-free paper and a high quality binding.
  • Starbucks Gift Cards All the airports have them and we all need our caffeine fix while traveling!
  • Ear Plugs They’re simple, they’re cheap and they work! A must have for anyone getting on an airplane!
  • Immersion Heater Portable heater for warming coffee, tea, soup, and more. A perfect travel companion.

And, remember if you’re shopping for a flight attendant you can probably get away with waiting for the sales after the holidays to buy for them! Most of us are flying!

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  1. I think the whole list is great! I received a travel power strip for Christmas and it is my fav gift! I would also add that a mobile phone external back-up battery/juice pack makes a great gift. I got this one:

    I have never even heard of an immersion heater – brilliant!