Virgin Atlantic’s Upper Class Red Lipstick

By The Flying Pinto

Seems there is still glamour for some Flight Attendants! Virgin Atlantic hooked up with Bare Minerals to produce Upper Class Red Lipstick that will match the uniform of their cabin crew. Teaming up with Bare Minerals makes sense since their powder foundations are travel friendly. Great for your skin and no liquids to worry about going through security!

Follow these great tips for that polished look on your next flight! I guarantee you’ll stand out from the crowd;)

Got any tips for being comfortable, but still looking glam (or at least not wearing pajamas) while flying? Or better yet, how do you stay looking fresh on a long haul flight? Join us on Facebook and Twitter we’d love to hear from you!



  1. VS *still* insist on using that “side bun” hairstyle, which, while it looks amazing in ads, looks very very silly on 99% of crew in the airport. Last month I saw one whose hair was so “on the side” she could have been Princess Leia!

    I’d probably use this if it were a traditional lipstick- lip wands are very hard to use with red as you then need to use a liner for a precise line- very necessary with a red lip if you want to look polished.

  2. This glamour is necessary for Flight Attendants.

  3. Valerie B @ 2012-04-02 11:02

    I think the red lipstick they are using is very stylistic and bold and I LOVE it! I found the perfect (gluten free) match for it at Red Apple Lipstick. RAL’s RED!is gorgeous and has real staying power. It also doesn’t have lead or parabens in it (parabens are a preservative that has been linked to breast cancer and MOST lipsticks have it). I agree that wands are not good for precise lip lines. Keep them with glosses only, please!

  4. electrogeek77 @ 2012-04-15 20:21

    As an aviation fan, a makeup artist, and a product junkie, I must get one. Maybe two, or twenty…

  5. I wear this lippy for work. It’s such a pretty red colour but bleeds like no body’s business. So normally I end up with a base of lip liner, topped with a matte (and horribly drying) lady danger and then just top up the centre with this. The colour actually stays pretty well if you use it alone (after all its a gloss with plenty of pigment rather than a lipstick) once the shine has faded. It’s also amazing for transferring onto teeth. I haven’t seen any other lipsticks make crew look so much like vampires!!! Not an easy wearer at all but then I guess that’s why we have mirrors in the galley!!