The picturesque island of Phuket is the largest island in the whole of Thailand, and people travel here from all parts of the globe to spend time soaking up the sun on the beaches here, taking part in a wide range of water sports and enjoying the island’s vibrant nightlife scene. However, because of the sheer size of Phuket is a good idea to do a little planning and research before setting off for your holiday in the sun.

Due to the high popularity of Phuket it is a good idea to book your accommodation early, especially if you are planning to visit in the high season. People who book accommodation in advance may also be able to take advantage of special deals and discounts. It is also worth considering how you will get around Phuket. There is no real public transportation service, and the private and shared taxis that roam the main streets can be rather costly. However, car hire is provided by a number of local and international companies, and this is an affordable way of exploring Phuket in comfort.

Patong’s bustling nightlife is legendary and this is certainly a good place to let off a little steam especially after the chaos and confusion of Bangkok and the mad scramble to secure cheap flights Phuket is a veritable sea of calm. There are numerous bars and clubs to be found here, many of which line the beach. However, the neon lights and crowds of Patong can be a little overwhelming for some visitors, who may prefer to turn their attentions to other areas of the island. Patong is also home to a number of other interesting attractions such as vibrant cabaret shows and weird and wonderful museums, while the restaurants here cover all types of cuisines and styles, making this a great place to indulge in a meal before heading out for a night on the town.

When it comes to attractions, visitors to Phuket are really spoilt for choice. In addition to spending time on the sunny sandy beaches, visitors can discover the marine life by taking scuba diving and snorkelling trips. The island also features its own lake complete with a cable for wakeboarding, while people who feel the need for speed should head to the nearby go karting track.

The northern part of Phuket is particularly picturesque and peaceful, and this is a good place to visit to in order to retreat from the hustle and bustle of Patong. Phuket Town can be found in the heart of the island, and this is where many of the island’s residents live. There is also plenty of accommodation to be found here, and Phuket Town is popular with families as it tends to be much quieter than many parts of the island.



  1. That was informative, I will surely take this info in account why planning my trip to Thailand this summer.

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  5. I have been wanting to travel to Thailand for years. I hope to someday once my kids are older. This article was helpful in helping me know what to plan for ahead of time such as accommodation and what time of year I plan on going. I also am excited to experience the beaches and the snorkeling adventures that so many people are talking about. Do you have any recommendations for foods there to try?

  6. It has been a few years since I was in Phuket, but this makes me want to go back.

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