Monday’s Give Away! Shoes!

By The Flying Pinto

Before we get to this weeks give away, lets announce the winner of Brian Easley’s book, Straight Guy in the Queer Skies! Congratulations to Tawni Leah! Please message or email me Tawni and I’ll put you in touch with Brian.

This weeks contest will be very popular with the ladies in our audience! Shoes, shoes, shoes! Need I say more? Check out Chromatic Gallerie. They offer all colors, all heel heights, materials and widths! Head over and “like” them on facebook (here) AND sign up for their newsletter (here) that will inform you of their sales, special events and more. And that’s it! You’re automatically entered. I’ll be announcing our winner next Monday. Can’t wait to own a pair? Chromatic Gallerie is offering our readers a 10% discount using the code: theflyingpinto10.

Lots going on this week as I’m expecting the release of MY new ebook, The Flight Attendant Survival Guide! It’s being set up for distribution as we speak. Follow us on facebook and twitter for updates and of course shout out if you have any questions.

Happy Flying!


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