By The Flying Pinto

Can you believe that the owner’s of these suitcases are related to a Flight Attendant? Namely…me!

Culprit #1, my mom. The over packer. This is a carry on to her. Notice the bulges. I can’t tell you how many times I shook my head at passenger’s coming on board the aircraft with a similar size suitcase.Imagine my surprise when my own mother showed up with this monstrosity! At least my mom knows better than to ask a Flight Attendant for help lifting it…it’s called a “carry on” if you can’t carry it, check it: )

Culprit # 2, my husband. The second suitcase pictured belongs to my honey. There are so many things wrong with this bag…where do I start? The pictures don’t really do it justice so I’ll try to describe it. First of all, it’s about 15 years old, it’s green (I like green, but not for a man’s suitcase), it was cheap to begin with…15 years ago, it has rust marks on it, which I think you can see in the third photo, it’s just plain embarrassing. It makes me want to walk on the other side of the concourse. So, why don’t you buy him a suitcase, you ask? As a gift? Well, because gifts are supposed to be for the person you are buying the gift for and my husband doesn’t care what his suitcase looks like. Hmmm, maybe he should buy a suitcase for himself as a gift to me…yes, now we’re talking. See, if you write sometimes the solutions just show up!

Thinking about all this reminded me of an even worse culprit. An ex boyfriend of mine…you know who you are…Tim….anyway, he and I had gone on a vacation. A driving vacation to Montreal. This was before I worked for the airline, but you want to talk about embarrassing, this guy didn’t even bring a suitcase. He brought a laundry basket, yes you read that right, a laundry basket full of his clothes and he marched right up to the check in desk with the laundry basket… qualms about it!



  1. Free Flying Mom... @ 2009-01-29 15:25

    Hey Dear Daughter…a girls gotsta do what a girls gotsta do and by the way, did you forget about that elephant size suitcase of your fathers?

  2. I feel your shame, Sistah!

  3. The Flying Pinto @ 2009-01-29 23:29

    Thanks, Blondie! Maybe we’ll start a support group…or perhaps an intervention: )

  4. OMG! Tim did that?!! Your mom’s suitcase looks fine to me. But I overstuff too. But your husband – that’s another story!

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