By The Flying Pinto

Continental Airlines 737 Business First by World Aviation Group.
1:15 check in (visual check in at the crew room)
check file, check computer, print schedule.

1:20 Grab hot water at Starbucks for my tea…free…thanks Starbucks: )

1:30 check in at gate, agent checks my name off the crew list at the gate (since 9-11 my name has
to be on the list as a working crew member in order for me to get on the aircraft)


meet my crew

check my emergency equipment:

  • oxygen bottles
  • jump seat
  • fire extinguishers
  • doors are disarmed
  • flashlights
  • crew life vests
  • medical kit
  • A.E.D.
  • lavatory fire extinguisher
  • megaphone
  • hand cuffs
  • universal precaution kit
  • first aid kit

Crew briefing:

  • introductions
  • weather
  • turbulence (expected or not)
  • air marshals on board?
  • Leo’s on board? (law enforcement officer’s)
  • flight time
  • any other information the Captain deems pertinent to the flight

1:40-2:15 Boarding

I was the first class aisle FA…these were my duties:

  • set up pre-departure drink cart
  • greet first class passenger’s
  • offer a pre-departure drink
  • hang coats
  • watch out for weirdos ( we are looking for any unusual behavior, not looks: ) just behavior!)
  • assist where needed

2:15 door closed

2:18 safety demo…we have to stand even though it is a video. After the video we do our aisle
check for those of you still chatting on the phone or listening to your i-pod: )

2:20 take jump seat for take off.

2:20-2:27 taxi

2:27 take off and do 30 second review

(30 second review: is what FA’s do silently in their head during take-off and landing. We review our evacuation commands and our door/exit responsibilities should something go wrong.)

2:40-4:00 in flight service. I took FC dinner order’s, made drinks, passed out meals, and served wine.

4:00-3:20 read my magazines, my book, chatted with my co-worker and checked on my passenger’s every 20 minutes or so….and you did read the time right, we flew to L.A. remember? central to west coast time: )

3:20-3:40 prepared for landing, cabin check, take JS and do 30 second review. land.

3:40-3:50 taxi to gate, de-plane

3:50-4:15 make phone call home, while the plane is cleaned and catered.

4:15-4:45 board aircraft

repeat steps to L.A. back to Houston.

arrived in Houston at 10pm.

arrived home at 10:40pm

house is quiet, everyone is sleeping : )

uneventful day…just the way I like it!



  1. QzakGirl @ 2009-03-24 12:00

    you should start a q&a segment. like "Ask a FA Friday" or something.
    I've got one….have you ever had someone famous on one of your flights (i mean REALLY famous)?

  2. How many days were you away from home in that trip? Do you have a preference?

    I also vote for the Ask a FA Friday!

  3. Duhhh… I guess I should read the tittles of your posts with more attention, right????


  4. I got tired just reading all that!

  5. The Flying Pinto @ 2009-03-25 05:44

    Hey QzakGirl! Yes, that’s a great idea…how about What do you want to know?….Wednesday! That way you don’t have to wait until Friday. Thanks for the idea! I have a bunch of e-mails to answer, so why not share? I will answer your question first: )

    Albert, that’s funny. That was just a one day, we have anywhere from 1 to 4 day trips.

    Mr-stu…exactly! But it is still less exhausting than taking care of a 2 year old: )

  6. Blackswan @ 2009-04-29 06:24

    One of those turn-around flights & I used to hate it 🙂 Thks for sharing your interesting blog & looking fwd to sharing!

    Do u fly to Singapore? Thks for visiting my blog!