Hoseanna Launches Today!

By The Flying Pinto

Listen up Uniform Divas! This is a service I can get excited about!

“Just because you wear a uniform, doesn’t mean you don’t know how to rock it! You race through nylons like nobody’s business, because your job demands them. And after a grueling day, the choice between pounding the pavement for new nylons and putting your feet up isn’t much of a choice at all. While Hoseanna can’t offer a foot rub-that’s what the professionals are for-they still hope to provide relief. Let Hoseanna be at your service for a change.”

From ‘TO-DO’ to “TA-DA!”: The new online hosiery subscription service launches today.

So, whether you’re a Uniform Diva, like myself, a Corporate Vet, Corporate Rookie, or Marathon Mom, Hoseanna.com lets us busy women automate the delivery of hosiery from a curated collection of popular brands. Hanes, Bootights (one of Oprah’s 2010 Fall Must Haves) and the UK’s Pretty Polly just to name a few. With an easy-to-use subscription feature you’re able to automate your delivery schedule according to your hosiery needs.

The best businesses are created from people who discover a need through personal experience, and Hoseanna’s founders, Katrina Carroll-Foster and Tracey Solomon are no different. Both coming from the corporate world they discovered there was a need for a company to provide us with a service that delivers this staple in a woman’s wardrobe and to do it with style.

“Recent research conducted by Hoseanna revealed that pantyhose is just one of several grudge items that women have to buy, and over 80% of women feel that replacing hosiery is their biggest hosiery pet peeve.”

We all have so much that we need to accomplish in a day and that’s why I am excited to let Hoseanna take one more thing off my “to do” list. The best part is you set up the delivery schedule that works for you. Even if you’re on a business trip in New York or vacationing in Italy you can have your hosiery needs met.

In celebration of the launch, Hoseanna is having a contest so head over to Face Book (Facebook.com/Hoseanna) and take those “TO-DO’s” to “TA-DA” where four lucky winners will win one free year subscription to Hoseanna! Each winner also wins a virtual style consultation with My Style Pill’s Christine Cameron to help build your best work wardrobe. Total prize package value: $500. Contest ends on April 10th.



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  2. haven’t had to wear hose in years- can’t remember the last time i did- but i know that i’m in a wee minority for sure! and it’s not such a dim memory that i can’t recall the hassle of dealing with replacing them…often at the least convenient times! great service and post- will pass it on to those who can benefit!

  3. Your blog is very interesting. I’m a flight attendant, too. And it is very interesting for me to read your notes.

  4. Hey Sara!

    Just wanted to let you know I won the Hoseanna contest. Wanted to thank you because I heard about it through your blog 🙂

  5. Sylwia! That’s awesome!!

    @FA..Yay! Welcome:)