Who knew the dollar stores were such a treasure trove for travelers?! Whether you’re a frequent flier or vacationing with the family, there is something for everyone.

I found all kinds of great activities for kids, from activity and coloring books to puzzles and stamp kits. Kids, as we know tend to get bored with the toys and activities they have pretty quickly so it’s a good idea to stock up on some new things before a trip and then surprise them on the flight. All without breaking the bank!

I also found some staples for the frequent flier. Toothbrushes. It’s a good idea to stash extra toothbrushes in your suitcase and carry on (who hasn’t forgotten this very important item?). I also found ear plugs, tissues, and a travel sewing kit.

Oh, and all kinds of chewing gum, which is a help for every one’s ears during take off and landing.

Happy Flying!



  1. Very true! I found dollar-stores to be a great source of travel-sized toiletries before they became mainstream.

    In fact, I’m currently testing out a travel product which I also found in a discount store 🙂

  2. Oh yes, The Dollar Store and the 99 Cents Store– Cheap paradise 🙂

    Great idea. Thanks Sarah


  3. Great ideas! I’ve flown from Canada to Australia many times with just me and a two toddlers. The dollar store is awesome! What I also do, just to make it a tad more interesting, is wrap the individual goodies in old wrapping paper. That way they get amusement out of unwrapping and it fills in an extra two minutes. 😉 And I only give them one thing at a time, so when they get bored with that, I can whip something new out. It saves me everytime!

  4. […] Ear plugs! I always recommend bringing enough for your unprepared neighbors too. Flying is public transportation and you never know when the baby will start screaming. […]