I dead headed to my thirty hour layover in Edmonton Canada this week. What is dead heading? Deadheading is the transport of a flight attendant for the purpose of covering a trip. In other words, I flew as a passenger because I was needed to work the flight back. I love being a deadheading flight attendant because we get full pay for it and it is about the only time I can find these days to read or watch a movie. My flight was great, I had an exit row to myself,  brought my dinner, had my noise cancellation head phones, and ended up watching a movie on Direct TV. Here are a few things I observed on my way:

I boarded with the working crew, so as the passengers passed me all settled in my seat I could see the confusion in their eyes. One passenger even vocalized her thoughts by saying, “must be nice.”

My crew, who I’d be working the flight back with was very professional and friendly. Bonus!

During the safety video, the aisle flight attendant who was designated to stand by the exit rows asked me if there was a time difference between our base and Edmonton. I said I wasn’t sure. The gentleman sitting across from me pulled out his IPhone (still on) to be helpful and looked it up for us. The flight attendant and I looked at each other and laughed. I said thanks for your help…but you realize we’re flight attendants right? And, you’re phone should have been off ten minutes ago…we all laughed as he shut it off…face bright red.

Sitting behind me, a mom traveling with three boys, one on her lap seemed extremely stressed. Her kids were a bit unsettled. Another mom (stranger to her) who was traveling with one boy about the same age as her oldest offered to have him move over and watch a movie with her son on his dvd player! This was so nice since it seemed the problem was the two brothers fighting. Everyone relaxed, the two kids watched a movie and the two younger boys fell asleep.

I got up after my movie to chat with the crew in the galley. While I was back there a woman came to the back to ask if she could use her IPad yet. Lol…it was about three hours into the flight!

I also, observed that Canadians are some of the nicest passengers we have!

As we landed I noticed the snow on the ground….I had left summer only a few short hours ago!



  1. Enjoyed the report.
    Having worked years ago at Airfone, I know the gadgets and the rules are always confusing for Pax and FA. Funny that on the same you had two opposites regarding the rules.

  2. YEG is my base! glad to hear you were in my stompin grounds!

  3. […] we still have minimum crew to cover all of our exits, if not find out if there are any dead heading or off duty flight attendants to cover the injured/ill flight attendant jump seat […]