Jaunted recently ran an article “How $20 can turn you into a flight attendant’s favorite passenger” Last night I recorded an episode on The Crew Lounge and we discussed the article and the benefit of bringing gifts while flying and whether or not it makes you the flight attendant’s favorite passenger. The Jaunted article goes on to talk about what happened when it’s author brought Vosges Exotic Chocolate Bars for the crew:

“On one flight on a 747, every single crew member (okay, maybe not the co-pilot, but definitely the captain) walked all the way back to us to say thanks, and to share which flavor they had tried. The $25 box of exotic chocolate bars are miniature and inspired by travel with unique ingredients, so they really appeal to foodies…and flight attendants who jet to many different countries. Ah yes, and there’ve been upgrades and in-flight amenity kits and free drinks, too *wink*.”

I’m not sure about the winks or the upgrades, but the rest sounds about right;)

Our fellow crew members let us know what gifts they’ve received from passengers on The Crew Lounge face book page :

Patty: Jewelry!!!

Heather: A box of 2 dozen Savannah Kitchen Chocolates… or maybe it was the $100 tip… 🙂

Pamela:I got homemade cookies one time; an angel pin; a prayer card. All very nice thoughts! Cash is good too 😉

Lori: There used to be a elderly woman who traveled from Austin quite often and always brought homemade caramel apples!

Jenny: A cashmere scarf. Candy is so “done.”

Christopher: I am still new as a FA but so far I received a box of German chocolate chip cookies.

Elizabeth: On a trip to San Francisco, an artist sketched a picture of me without me knowing. I had it framed. I love it.

Amy: A crispy “Benjamin” pressed tactfully and surprisingly into my hand or the Clinique “Happy”, purchased from Duty Free in my honor (blush!).

And a couple of frequent fliers let us in on how they become the flight attendant’s favorite passenger:

Gigi: Hijacking this thread: I *gave* Thin Mints and never heard the end of it! A hit!

Atif: On long flights I almost always give a box of chocolates. On long international trips I’ll also bring trailmix and dry fruit assortment AND a big pack of cheap pens for the FAs to give out to people who go overseas but don’t seem to bring a pen with them to fill out the various entry/custom forms! I always get a thank-you but some FAs are more appreciative than others…usually the ones whose airline/management treats them the worst are the most touched that a pax would think of them…

I especially like that Atif brings pens for his fellow passengers! You know you’re a frequent flier when you are aware of the issues that come up on almost every flight! And, I’m still waiting for more details on the jewelry Patty received! What do you think? Do you bring gifts in hopes of being the flight attendant’s favorite passenger? Do you think it makes a difference?

If those caramel apples are tempting you click here!



  1. It is great to be nice to your FA. FAs work hard to keep us safe and sound and yes happy and deserve our appreciations.

    Not wanting to rain on anyone’s parade but “On one flight on a 747, every single crew member (okay, maybe not the co-pilot, but definitely the captain) walked all the way back to us to say thanks, and to share which flavor they had tried.” I hope this is an exaggeration.

    Flight crew are not supposed to walk anywhere except to the lav next to the cockpit.

  2. Vosges is my favorite store bought chocolate company. YUM!

  3. On a 747 there is probably 3 pilots the one on a break can walk anywhere they want. so it is probably not an exageration. I once got carneige hall tickets to see the late rosemary clooney. that was great. Chocolates and money are always nice

  4. Cedarglen @ 2011-07-10 17:09

    I often take a ‘little something’ as a small token of thanks for the crew. Usually not expensive, more often just simple fun. There is no price attached and I certainly do not expect (or even want) anything in return. Somtimes it is just nice to express my gratitude with something other than words. OK, I do expect something – and I always get it: A quick, simple smile. That’s plenty. As a medical professional, I also offer a FA my business card, “Seat 312-C” written on the back and an offer to help if they encounter a problem. Since I do not drink (alcohol) when flying, I’m perfectly satisfied with the pleasant smiles. -C.

  5. WOrking a morning flight to orlando for a long layover the entire crew of 4 FA’s and both pilots recieved a parkhopper day pass to disney. We went to 3 parks, watched fireworks, and had drinks late night at epcot. Needless to say we were thouroughly exhausted for our 3 leg day the next day

  6. haha I wanna be a flight attendant so baaaaad!

  7. Alejandro @ 2011-08-17 14:39

    When I used to fly weekly between SFO and EWR, I would bring a small bag of Ghirardelli for the crew. There seem to be senior rank FA’s who are on the route for a month, you begin to remember names and faces.

    Also after meal service, I would organize my food tray so nothing can fall off as they take it away.

    It helps when you are in business class, they can treat you well discreetly in so many little ways.