15 hours in San Diego

By The Flying Pinto

Hope everyone had as nice a fourth of July as I did! I didn’t think it would turn out special because I was stuck flying, but my family surprised me mid-trip and came with me for 15 hours to San Diego. I flew down from Calgary on day two of my three day trip expecting to have my usual airport appreciation (sit time) before my last leg to San Diego when I got a text from my husband asking if I wanted to have dinner before my flight. This would have been nice on its own, but when I met him and Lucy at the food court I noticed my husband’s back pack with him. And Lucy, not able to contain her excitement, exclaimed across the food court, “MOMMY! GUESS WHAT? WE’RE COMING TO SAN DIEGO WITH YOU!”

The fun started on the flight to San Diego, with an impromptu “take your daughter to work day.” Lucy helped check my emergency equipment and helped with my first class pre-departure drinks.

So, what can you do for fifteen hours in San Diego? Breakfast! In an amazing city on a beautiful day while sitting by the water. What could be better? We even landed home in time to catch our local fire works.


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  1. That’s awesome and she is totally adorable! Our Summer program consists of my family joining me on long overnights. If you ever get to Burlington VT, I think that she would love it! Ben & Jerrys and the Teddy Bear Factory. Oh Yeah!