I wrote a few weeks back about how to answer the question, “why do you want to be a flight attendant?” Since then I have gotten many emails asking for more information on getting hired as a flight attendant. Here I will give you a few pointers on the first step, your flight attendant resume.

  • This will be the first impression the airline gets of you, make sure that your resume looks professional.
  • Always submit a resume with your application to be a flight attendant, even if the airline doesn’t ask for one.
  • Make sure your objective is clear and to the point. Why do you want to be a flight attendant in no more than a couple of sentences.
  • Highlight your skills and experience related to the flight attendant position, i.e., customer service skills, are you a team player, do you have great communication skills? (Learn the job responsibilities of a flight attendant to help with this)
  • But, don’t lie. Only choose qualities that are true to you.
  • Include your education. Most airlines prefer college, but life experience is valuable too.
  • List any languages you speak
  • Also include relevant awards, volunteer work and interests
  • Keep your resume to one page

If you are not comfortable writing your own resume get a professional to help you. Make a list of your skills and relevant information before you look into hiring someone. There are plenty of professional templates on line if you are comfortable putting together your own flight attendant resume.

Next up the interview! Any questions about getting hired? Would you like a personalized approach to getting hired? For a limited time I will be offering one-on-one personalized skype sessions to coach you on getting hired as a flight attendant. Contact me for more information at [email protected]

Interested in becoming a flight attendant? Have an interview lined up? I’m offering phone consultations,  we’ll go over how to prepare for your interview, your appearance, the type of interview questions they will be asking,  and how your previous work and life experience can be highlighted to fit the job requirements of a flight attendant while leave time at the end for your questions. The fee is usually $90 for the hour long session but, I am running a special for the summer at $50. Email me at [email protected] for more information.

Cheers! And, Happy Flying!

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    “I’ve wanted to be a flight attendant since I was a little Girl/Boy!”

    Argh, the dreamers. We have gone through so many flight attendants that think we simply walk around looking ‘pretty’ handing out cokes! The two in my recruiting class were definitely NOT hired.

    Are we a “flying waitress”? Sometimes, it feels that way but it really is so much more and sometimes it’s really hard work. Some days I cannot believe that I am paid to do this and no matter what, I always love it. The challenges are what make it interesting. Seeing new cities and making new friends, it what makes it AWESOME!

    Also, if you are not even interested in traveling, DON’T APPLY. Please. Save it for the ones who are in it to see the world. Thank you and good luck.

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  3. J . McMorris @ 2012-01-24 23:40

    Do you have to possess a college degree or prior flight attendant training upon applying to be a flight attendant?