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Do you have things in your job that annoy you? Do you notice it’s the same things that annoy your co-workers? Yeah me too. As a flight attendant I get asked over and over again what is the most annoying things passengers do? I always tread lightly, because flight attendants get accused of, well, complaining too much. And, believe me we can probably complain better than most.

In fact there’s an old joke:
Q. How many flight attendants does it take to change a light bulb?
A. Zero, because we’d rather sit around in the galley and bitch about it.

So, what behaviors annoy flight attendants the most? Well, besides urinating in the aisle, and other super gross activites, here are Ten Types of Annoying Passengers:

Head over to Jaunted.com to read the list, but only if you really want to know!



  1. Well first of all FAs are not the only ones that winge about things, everyone who works for an airline does, you should listen to pilots and engineers.
    I agree that it would not hurt passengers to be civil and polite but it is nice if we are not treated like school children in detention by the cabin seniors, managers or whatever else you want to call them.

  2. Read the list. Add the passenger who talks constantly, and loudly, to a friend either across the aisle or a couple of seats away. Add the drunk passenger.

    Recently, on a flight out of Austin, however, we had a flight attendent who had a smile and a twinkle in her eye, somehow, the entire time. I think she made everyone feel more welcome and at ease and friendly. I’ve flown a lot and this young lady was quite amazing. I wish she were on every flight.

    Just for the record, with that said, here are two pet peeves of mine regarding you folks:

    1. Those who obviously ‘prefer’ some people to others. It might be a matter of flirting with a handsome young man (or older man) or being extra nice to someone who looks a bit like a movie star, but it’s really a put-down to the rest of us, and, actually, it kind of hurts.

    2. Unlike the lovely lady mentioned above, some simply refuse to smile at all, or only do with their mouths, while their eyes are somewhere between bored and glaring. Did I do something to offend you?

    and here are some things that are good that I will never forget:

    1. When we adopted a baby overseas, years ago, the flight attendants were incredible with helping me deal with her and my five-year-old son on the trans-Pacific flight. I know it is not in the job requirements and was totally unexpected, but it was a JAL plane and the courtesy and care of those ladies is something I will never forget. My daughter is grown and married and a mother herself now, but the fact that that flight has stayed in my memory all these years gives you an idea of the impact you can make.

    2. Southwest has, at least at times, encouraged its attendants to improvise a little with some of the announcements to keep passengers’ attention. As a result, whenever I am on one of those flights, I tune my ears to whatever is being said because I am expecting to smile once in awhile. Once they even sang “Happy Birthday” to one of the passengers. I haven’t had the opportunity to fly that airline in several years, so I don’t know what their policy is now, but they made flying fun.

    A couple of bad, a couple of good. Life is like that, eh? All in all, most of you work hard to make travel easier for us and I thank you. 95% of the time you do an excellent job. If others in their jobs did as well as consistently, we probably would not be having the economic troubles we are in now — or they might, at least, be less.

  3. Totally agree with manners!! I’ve had some mannerless flights that have been so bad that the single person that says please or thank you becomes my favourite person and gets properly pampered. Headphones argh! I’ve had passengers shouting at me that they can’t hear me and could I speak up. My reply is usually along the lines of, ‘parhaps you would like to remove your headphones madam.’ which is normally met with a laugh from the passenger and a painted on smile from me.

  4. Is some body here a flight attendant