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The idea for The Crew Lounge was to give everyone a peek inside the life of a flight attendant. Social media has become a great resource for me to not only give you my insights but, that of my fellow co-workers. I belong to a private flight attendant chat room, and though I can’t share everything with you sometimes there are funny or interesting threads that I can. So, here’s what I overheard in “the crew room” this week!

A flight attendant asks, “what is the craziest thing a passenger has said to you?”

  • Kim: I had a lady ring her call bell and ask me how to roll the window down…SERIOUSLY!! I had to hold in my reaction. I asked another flight attendant to go help the lady, as I couldn’t. We laughed about that one the rest of the flight!!

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  1. I had a passenger frantically ring his call bell and was quite disturbed. He said there was a plane coming right at us and we were going to be hit, and urged me to tell the pilots right away. Naturally everyone started to become concerned! I was looking out his window but couldn’t see anything..he kept pointing and saying “there! don’t you see it? it’s right there!” come to find out, he was pointing at a star the whole time. it took everything I had to walk back to my galley and not burst out in laughter..

  2. Mike Gardner @ 2012-01-01 01:48

    That’s like those funny green,red,white lights that are tracking us at night it has to be an ailien craft getting ready to take us over, for 5 hours on the red eye from sfo to JFK, I’m a traveler and had to listen to this while the safety attendants LOL in the galley!

  3. Prairiesentry @ 2012-01-01 22:59

    I had a pax call me over cause he was worried the wing was falling apart. we were close to landing. the pilots extended flaps.

  4. once a pax asked me “where is the exercise room?”

  5. Prairiesentry @ 2012-01-23 12:31

    a concerned pax saw me turning off the IFE for descent and asked if I was adjusting the cabin pressure. I told them that’s something that’s controlled by the flight deck. he responded ‘can you call them, I think they forgot to turn it on’