Twelve Days of Holiday Travel

By The Flying Pinto

Happy Holidays to my fellow travelers, airlines, frequent fliers and crew. May all your flights be smooth and merry throughout this hectic holiday season! By Elyse Pasquale

What twelve days of (stressful, overbooked, weather-delayed, gate-checked, crowded, hilarious and fun) holiday travel gave to me:

Twelve Passengers Fuming

The “customer service” line at SEA airport was so long, and the weather across the entire country was so nice…I didn’t even want to ask.

Eleven Excuses for Drinking

Nothing says “holiday travel stress relief” like a Bloody Mary (or wine, or champagne) at 35,000 feet. ‘Tis the season!

Ten Miles of Schlepping

Airports keep getting bigger and bigger, and it seems that no matter where I’m flying, my gate is at the end of the furthest concourse in the terminal. I think it’s just one of the universal laws of holiday travel. My longest airport sprint (we’ll call it a “reindeer run”) took place at SFO, where half the passengers on a full 777-200 came down the jetway completely out of breath and dripping with sweat.

Nine Segments Flying

My holiday travel schedule in the weeks leading up to Christmas. EWR-ATL, ATL-EWR, EWR-LAS, LAS-EWR, EWR-SEA, SEA-SFO, SFO-LAX, LAX-AUS, DFW-EWR

Eight Bags a-Missing

It’s a bummer when luggage goes missing. I hope the owners of these suitcases have been happily reunited with their bags for the holidays.

Seven Pax Commuting

While taking the first morning BART train to San Francisco International Airport, I see one passenger who bears uncanny resemblance to Santa Claus. Perhaps his flying sleigh is stored at a hangar at SFO.

Six Whack Jobs Waiting

Everyone gets so! excited! to fly! during the holiday season! These six eager beavers are ready and waiting, though boarding won’t actually commence for another 35 minutes.

Five Inflight Films

Crazy Stupid Love, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, The Hangover Part II, Horrible Bosses, Bad Teacher

Four Rising Suns

I’ve never seen so many consecutive sunrises over so many different cities. I’m normally a sunSET kind of girl. It’s nice to see how the early side lives for a change.

Three Boogie Boards

I spent a good chunk of time at this boogie board-adorned LAX baggage carousel. I flew into Los Angeles on one plane, but my tardy bag made it onto another, giving me an extra hour to grab a holiday-themed latte.

Two French Toasts

After years of choosing between eggs or cereal on morning flights, I was stunned when recently given a new third option of French Toast. Variety is the spice of life!

One Crazy Lady in the Lounge

I was so taken by an Australian passenger wearing a paper Christmas tiara in the United lounge at LAX, I asked her if I could snap a photo of her “holiday spirit.” She offered to take one of me (wearing her crown) instead. Here’s my dramatic reenactment of one very…happy holiday traveler.

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  1. You hit the nail on many a head with this post, Eylse!
    Love the line 30 minutes before loading, see it all the time! French toast…YUM! Ask Sara for her Christmas Morning Pecan French Toast recipe…to die for!
    Nice Post!

  2. This is great! I love the photos for each one. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  3. It is a pleasure always to stop by and read about your travels. Your passion for the industry is a breath of fresh air, as I write for an airline magazine on the side (since 1995). A lot of time at EWR. French Toast was a favorite of the late actor Steve McQueen. Hope Christmas was especially nice for you!

  4. Loved this post and the pics are great! I spent most of my holiday in coach on over-priced last minute tickets. Really would have loved some of those cocktails you have pictured. 😉