Unlimited Summer Fun and Learning in Amsterdam

By The Flying Pinto

Amsterdam is always full of surprises, but Easter kickstarts the series of the biggest and most exciting events in the city. Maximize your travel experience with this season’s perks.

Queen’s Day (April 30)– Catch the most important and colorful Dutch holiday celebrating the     Queen’s birthday. Expect more spectacular Royal and multi-cultural performances this year as the country bids farewell to the retiring Queen Beatrix, who will relinquish her crown on the same day. Be part of the “orange craze” of people dressed in the Royal color to cheer for Her Majesty as she delivers her speech on the Royal Palace balcony. Take advantage of this day to book apartments in Amsterdam when the city is tax-free and all trades are permitted. Better yet, get the best deals in the street market where the locals bargain their old goods and companies offer great promos.

King’s Day (April 30) – When Prince Willem-Alexander and Princess Maxima assume their throne,     the Kingdom of the Netherlands will once again have a king for the first time since 1890. For this, the Royal Dutch Party organized the King’s Day Festival side by side with the last Queen’s Day. Greet the new King and Queen at the Royal Boat Parade while listening to     live Royal orchestra. After partying hard with the locals in the streets, save your energy for more cultural shows at the King’s Dance, which will be held in different museums.

Bredeweg Festival (April 29) –     The night before Queen’s Day, get a sample of free street     performances for all ages, from circuses to rockbands and gay    parties to kickstart the Royal day.

Flower Parade (April 18 – May     20)– Visit the world-famous rainbow fields of tulips when they are in full bloom at the Keukonhof park. There is also a month-long parade of lilies, orchids, daffodils, and other native plants at the Keukonhof boulevard.

Day of Architecture (April 20 – Last week of June) – Every year, the Royal Institute of Dutch     Architects awards the best-designed buildings in the city at the     Architect’s Ball. Get a chance to meet and chat with award-winning architects as they open their offices to the public to explain what they do and why certain buildings are special.

National Windmill Day (May 11)– Learn how this national symbol operates and why it is important in shaping European history. Enter and climb different kinds of windmills as local volunteers explain the history and inricacies of these 17th and 18th century treasures.

Liberation Festival (May 4-5) –     On May 5, 1945, the Germans surrendered to the Canadian troops in the Netherlands before the end of World War II. Today, the military heroes are remembered through the annual Liberation Torch Relay     participated by over 200 municipalities. The Dutch sure remember their liberation with the non-stop free concerts and parties after     the ceremonies.

The Van Gogh Museum’s Grand Exhibit (May 1 – January 2014)– After almost a year of     renovation, the city’s most-visited museum reopens with its grand 40th Anniversay Exhibit entitled “Van Gogh at Work”. Get to know over 200 works by the legendary artist and trace how he     developed his techniques along with other contemporaries. There are also special tours, lessons, and workshops for kids.

If you think April to May is busy enough, wait until the much-awaited Holland Festival and Pride Parade, among others, start in June. Expect a lot of tourists and plan your trip early with amsterdamapartments.com to get the best accommodation deals.

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  1. Nothing beats going to Dam Square. Everything is there. Entertainment and food are everywhere.

  2. You have an amazing blog. You’ve been to so many different places!

    I host a weekly linking party called “Oh, the PLACES I’ve been!” and would love to have you link up. The link goes up Thursdays at 7 pm EST. Hope to see you there!

    – The Tablescaper

  3. We left Amsterdam the morning of King’s Day. (Talk about bad planning.) It was still a real hoot to see all the orange being worn the day before, and everyone getting ready to party. Can’t wait to get back again.