#TT Travel Tuesday’s Quick Travel Tip

By The Flying Pinto

This weeks tip is for families traveling with small children. Everyone knows, and probably takes advantage of the airlines pre-board option when traveling with little ones. My tip is a bit of a twist on this idea.

I love that families can settle in ahead of the crowd, it’s a great idea for all involved. The pack mule (usually, dad;-) has a chance to lug all the “stuff” on the plane and strap in the car seat without frustrating, less encumbered travelers boarding behind them.

My tip is this: If you have two adults involved, let one adult board the airplane with everything and leave one adult out in the boarding area with the kids. Boarding usually commences forty minutes prior to door closer. Why not let the little travelers get that last bit of energy out? This way it’s easy for adult #1 to get settled into your row of seats and it’s a breeze for adult #2 to stroll on with the kids when they make that last boarding announcement.

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  1. lisleman @ 2010-08-24 22:24

    A very sensible idea. The kids can even have fun trying to "find" daddy or mommy.

    Here's a post I did on travel kids over a year ago. It's really more about parenting style


  2. Good idea! You're a smart cookie! 🙂


  3. christina @ 2010-08-25 11:20

    Great idea. I will mention it to my families on board.

  4. This a GREAT idea and I will try and remember it next time me and my family are flying but I will probably be adult #1 who has to carry everything


  5. What would be your advice for 1 adult traveling with 2 children??

  6. I’ve got a question. I know pre-boarding is usually just for people with kids or whatever, but if someone were to take advantage of that and pre-board despite their lack of children, would that be against some sort of rule?