I’m having a one-on-one with Southwest in a couple of weeks.  I am super excited and want to make sure I can make the most of this opportunity.

Any suggestions re: what to wear, how to prepare etc. would be greatly appreciated!



Wow Alice!!


You are one of the lucky few!! I have many readers who tried to get on Southwest’s web site that fateful day and apply!

You’re halfway there. Southwest, I hear, only interviews very qualified applicants.

I fly for a legacy carrier so I’m going to give you some advice, but remember Southwest has a unique corporate culture…this is good…i.e., not as “formal” as mine;)

1. Dress the part! Ummm…maybe a little more dressed than the Southwest flight attendants. They are very casual, I think I would still dress professional. I will see if I can find a SW FA to ask that to.

2. Be enthusiastic!! Smile until it hurts!!

3. Let them know you are a problem solver and problem diffuser through real life examples of your customer service experience.

4. Let them know you’re flexible!! Even if you’re not sure how you’ll work it out (you will figure it out…trust me) you must say that you’re willing to relocate and reserve is not an issue…you know it is part of the job and you are ready for the adventure!
Do your research!! Be knowledgeable about Southwests history and let them know you are when relevant.

Good Luck, I know you’ll do great!!

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  1. Applying for a job, is not that easy as what it takes, some people were lucky because they were hired and some are disappointed because the are not the person that seems to be the best for that opportunity. On the other hand, self confident and trust with God is the most powerful thing to have faith. Good-luck to the chosen person like you alice.

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