Q. I am interviewing  with USAirways soon, and am really excited. I am an older applicant, with years of customer service experience. I have two questions, 1. How would you recommend I dress? I am told the interviewers grow weary of Blue suits. 2. Do credit checks highly impact hiring as a flight attendant? Thanks so very much.

A. First, don’t feel being older is detrimental to interviewing for a flight attendant position. I’m not sure what you mean by older, but I had a sixty year old woman in my training class and she ran circles around some of the younger (me)  flight attendant candidates. The legacy carriers love people with experience so be confident and highlight your customer service experience in your interview.

Although I felt pretty confident in answering your question about the color navy I consulted a recruiter friend to see if she agreed with me. And, she did! When interviewing for a flight attendant position you really can’t go wrong with conservative, but you definitely can go wrong in the other direction! You may have noticed all the news stories about airlines kicking their own passengers off flights for not dressing appropriately! I would say a safe bet is navy or a dark grey. That being said, don’t just wear a dowdy suit. Make sure it flatters your figure and your look is polished. That means professional looking make-up, hair and accessories. If you need help with that then get the help. Also know the airline you’re interviewing with. In your case it’s a legacy carrier and conservative and polished rings true, but some of the newer thinking airlines like Virgin America or Jet Blue may like to see a little more pizazz. Again, don’t go overboard just add a little with your accessories. Remember too, this will be their first impression of you. Another recruiter friend once told me a flight attendant candidate walked into his interview with sandals on. The recruiter made up his mind in that very moment.

As far as the credit check is concerned, I’m not sure how much weight the airlines put on it, but my recruiter friend and I agree the background check is the most important. The airlines are looking for criminal activity more than anything else. You haven’t robbed any banks I hope?:)

You can also check out another question I answered about interviewing for a flight attendant position, “Flight Attendant Careers: Interviewing” for a few more tips. Good Luck and please let us know how you do!

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Oh and yes. That picture is me on my way to flight attendant training back in 1993. Like the luggage? I had two more bags you can’t see and none of them had wheels!

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  1. Giovanna @ 2011-07-28 16:52

    How would you answer the question, why do you want to be a flight attendent?
    The first that comes to my mind is travel, but i hear that´s too much of a cliché answer to give in interviews.

  2. Also keep in mind airlines’ uniforms tend to be conservative and most have very regimented uniform and appearance guidelines. Since most airlines use navy in their uniform- which looks like a skirt/pants suit, the interviewer will be able to picture you as a flight attendant. I agree with sticking to navy, black or grey (grey is my favorite).

    You could wear a different colored shirt or blouse instead of the average white. But whatever you do- don’t overdo the accessories. If you decide on a cobalt blue dress shirt- pair it with some pearl earrings & necklace. If you stick with plain white the opt for more flair with your necklace.

    Remember to let your personality come through in the way walk, talk, & interact. Personality doesn’t come from the clothes you wear. You could have the most amazing funky outfit- but if you are a boring person then you are still boring.

    Good Luck!!

  3. Cedarglen @ 2011-07-30 17:03

    One day the working FAs exclaim, I’m here for your safety, not your entertainment! I am a Professional, so give me Respect!” The next day, I read drivle about how to dress, what color suit to wear and what accessories to wear – or to not wear. So – what’s it going to be, boys and girls? Do they want ‘pretty’ or ‘functional.’ Having both costs a lot more than most lines are willing to pay. Function over form (the pretty factor) in my view, but the hiring folks don’t see it that way. Their view is that “We can teach safety and service procedures to anyone who makes a good presentation…” Bull pucky! The beautity Queens who cannot speak in complete sentences also have trouble with drink orders – and getting the damn doors open when necessary. If I had my choice, I’d always sit in the section supervised my the oldest and meanest FA aboard. Think Aeroflot, 1968! Save your beauty walk for the terminal stroll. Ug!!

  4. @giovanna – yeah, definitely don’t say that you wan’t to travel. they hear it ALL the time. tell them that you like working with people, have customer service experience, want a job that will challenge you and show you something new every time, that you’re fine with not having a predictable schedule, that you don’t mind being away from home/jetlags. then again, only say all this if it’s true 😉

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  6. Indah Damayanti @ 2011-08-11 23:19

    Q : i’m interviewing with Qatar Airways tomorrow. for tomorrow’s session is an interactive information session only and only those short-listed will be invited for further recruitment process. i’m honestly, a little bit tomboy girl and love to surf, and i have a scar from a motor bike muffler right on my left calf ( it’s quite big and black ). My question is, am I gonna be fine tomorrow ? I mean, i’m not 100% physically perfect. How big is my chance to be accepted as their flight attendance ? Please help me. Thank you

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  10. I interviewed with United Airlines recently. They were doing interviews from Mon-Fri for one week only. On the day of my interview there were about 150 people interviewing. I was asked to come back for the 2nd interview and even a third interview that same day. By the time of the third interview there were only 6 of us left. I received my letter a week later that I was not going to be hired and to try again in a year.
    What could have been the reason/s for me not getting hired?

  11. I have been interested in being a flight attendant for years, I started taking classes at a community college that offered a certificate for airlines. While taking those classes I learned there’s a thorough background check involved when being hired. I got a dui over 3 years ago & I’m really worried as soon as they see that I may not be considered. I looked into getting it expunged from my record but it doesn’t get expunged from federal careers. So basically I’m wondering if my dui automatically disqualifies me? If it does will the expunging work? I was too ashamed to ask my professor in class so I hope you’ll be able to help.

  12. Thiago Castelhano @ 2013-08-18 20:42

    Hello, My name is Thiago.
    I’m going to my 8th F/A interview this week. I’m 27, I’ve read all the books, I’ve been studying First Aid, Emergency Procedures. I’ve been studying all interview profiles a little about HR. However, I still couldn’t get a job. I’ve noticed the HIGH NUMBER of “realtors” getting this job. If I my interview this week isn’t successful I’m so tired of going to open houses. I WILL work hard to become a REALTOR because that’s what airlines want.