Meet Me in St. Louis!

By The Flying Pinto

Can you believe I’ve never been to St. Louis, MO? That is until Bobby Laurie and I were invited to appear on Great Day St. Louis. What a great time! And, the hospitality! We had the pleasure of being guests of Lumiere Place Casino and hotels, if you’re planning a trip to St. Louis this is a wonderful choice for accommodations with the all suite Lumiere hotel or the legendary Four Seasons. (more on our stay later)

What? What’s that you say? You’re planning on bringing your kids? Well, then watch my segment on Great Day St. Louis so you’ll know just what to bring in the carry on!

  • CARES (child aviation restraint system)
  • Kidzgear
  • activities, any quiet activities your child enjoys is a good choice.
  • healthy snacks
  • disposable place mats
  • ear plugs
  • re-usable water bottle
  • diapers, one for every hour of your trip plus a few extra
  • small blanket
  • change of clothes
  • ziploc bags for dirty diapers and or soiled clothes

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  1. Wow, this blog as well as Heather’s and Bobbie’s have become nothing but commercials for hotels that give you free stays.