Packing Tips from a Travel Pro

By The Flying Pinto

Do you find it necessary to bring everything in your closet when flying to your destination?  How many outfits in your suitcase does it take to ease your anxiety? Do you get to your hotel and find out nothing matches and in reality you only have two or three “together” outfits to last a whole week? Enough already! With having to pay for checked baggage, it’s time to get savvy about “What to Pack!”

Your worries are over…here’s a trick I figured out a long time ago after weighing myself down with unnecessary baggage vacation trip after vacation trip!  Once I started packing my daughter’s clothes as well as my own in one suitcase,  I had to get smart about what to bring.

The first thing to do is pick out your basic color.  This is what most of your main clothing, skirts, pants, coats, shoes etc. will be.  Then your second color, blouses, tops, sweaters, and then third color, your accent color, for example scarfs, belts, hair accessories and jewelry.   Use colors you love and you will always feel fabulous. Whether it’s a business trip or just a fun vacation, if you stick to this tried and true’ll never have to check your luggage…if you know how to pack it!!!  Roll baby roll!

Below are some examples of clothing I bring on trips…even it’s a business trip I always bring a fun outfit in a fun color…you never know…

I like the black and white look, with accent colors for my accessories and silver for jewelry…this works for me most of the time but I do have a whole set of brown, beige and white I use just to change it up once in  a while.

Just follow the diagram below…easy to see what you’ll need and I assure you it will fit in your 20” TravelPro.  These styles and colors may not be yours, but I hope you get the idea…MIX & MATCH, that’s the secret.

Another thing I like to do, before I shop I go online to get ideas about what is current, print out some outfits then take the pics with me to Marshalls or TJMax…never, never pay top dollar…you need spending money for all the great  “stuff” you will buy on your trip!!!

One pair of Black Pants

One pair of White Pants (these are cropped)

One pair of cropped jeans

One Black Jacket

One less formal White Jacket

One White Sweater

Pashmina to keep you warm on plane/use as a shawl on trip

Eight Mixed Tops

One Hot Pink Shirt

One Fun Blouse

Jewelry to mix and match

Three casual Shoes mixed (comfortable)

One Dressier Shoe

Big Black Bag to carry on Plane

Small Bag/Wallet

Fun Big Bag that rolls up in suitcase(take it shopping for souvenirs)

Fun Scarves and a roll up hat if you have room!


Need the right luggage to to put all your packing knowledge to good use? Travel Pro (the favorite of airline crews) has a great discount site. Be sure to use my code: theflyingpinto15 to enjoy an extra 15% off!



  1. Giovanna @ 2011-05-10 22:18

    Great tips! Defenitly helps me narrow down my clothes and accesories when packing. xx

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  3. This is such a very useful post. Your tips are amazing! I always have this packing dilemma everytime I go for a vacation, business or any kind of trip. I do pack a lot of things and then end up not really using everything I bring along. So, thank you for this. This really helps me a lot. Please continue sharing your posts.