You Know You’re a Flight Attendant When:

By The Flying Pinto

1. You can eat a four course meal standing at the kitchen counter
2. You search for a button to flush the toilet
3. You look for the “crew line” at the grocery store.
4. You can pack for a 2 week trip to Europe in 1 roll-aboard
5. All of your pens have different hotel names on them
6. You NEVER unpack
7. You can recognize pilots by the backs of their heads-but not by their faces
8. You can tell from 70 yards away if a piece of luggage will fit in the overhead bin
9. You care about the local news in a city three states away
10. You can tie a neck scarf 36 ways
11. You know at least 25 uses for air sickness bags-none of which pertain to vomit
12. You understand and actually use the 24-hour clock
13. You own 2 sets of uniforms: fat and thin
14. You don’t think in “months”-you think in “bid packs”
15. You always point with two fingers
16. You get a little too excited by certain types of ice
17. You stand at the front door and politely say “Buh-bye, thanks, have a nice day” when someone leaves your home
18. You can make a sentence using all of the following phrases: “At this time,” “For your safety,” “Feel free,” and “As a reminder”
19. You know what’s on the cover of the current issues of In Touch, Star, and People magazines
20. You stop and inspect every fire extinguisher you pass, just to make sure the “gauge is in the green”
21. Your thighs are covered in bruises from armrests and elbows
22. You wake up and have to look at the hotel stationery to figure out where you are
23. You refer to cities by their airport codes
24. You actually understand every item on this list


  1. Love this list! So funny!

  2. Oh I love this too. Must have a post for my readers to come look at this. Well done. And all so true!

  3. Too funny!! I DO understand every one.

  4. I have a shirt like this which includes “You know a meaning for crop dusting that has nothing to do with agriculture”.

  5. Bob Turk @ 2012-04-30 12:22

    You pull the grocery shopping cart.

  6. Elaine Reid @ 2012-04-30 15:12

    Love this list. Even though I flew many years ago the list is the same with a few extra’s.

  7. I don’t get #16, but then again, I’m not a flight attendant. 🙂

  8. You know you’re a flight attendant when your significant other takes you out to a romantic dinner and you order enough to take on your next flight.

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  10. Good Morning, I am totally laughing right now! I often my husband that something is in the overhead bin instead of the cabinet and call everyone a passenger instead of a customer, patient, ect.! Oh well.

  11. I loved it , that’s true ( all of them are true :)))) )

  12. Juan Martin Cassol @ 2012-05-31 21:02

    Very funny, all of them are true, I love the one that says: “You can tell from 70 yards away if a piece of luggage will fit in the overhead bin” many times flights attendants told me that my carry on would not fit without even trying

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  15. Lol…. I find myself doing no. 23 most of the time :o) Much respect to all flight attendants on both commercial and private flights. In many ways they are the most important link in the chain as it is they who make the whole flying experience enjoyable.

  16. Hmmmmm, #24. Yep, I’m a flight attendant…I understand everything on this list. This had me cracking up, thanks for the laughs! And thank you to Jewel (omg, if people only knew) & Ralph too for keeping me ROTFLMAO! Bwaaahahahaha

  17. ….this works for business travelers too!

  18. Unfortunately I don’t understand some of them, like 5, 10 and 22, because I work for Ryanair x)

  19. Norashikin @ 2012-09-22 19:34

    I just love all these informations..these is all true..I was a flight attendant before !! hahaha………… LOL 😉

  20. Donna Schuster @ 2012-11-02 01:08

    Michael P.
    Sometimes Ice we get from catering is either; frozen solid!Melted,or just big clumps that look like big white rocks! We, (I) Flight Attendant’s love to see crushed ice!

  21. LOL! This goes for tour leaders as well, most of them, except for 7 for example. And we pack very little for ourselves but we have to carry so much material, maps, stuff to pass around in the group so we usually drag around with a lot of weight because of all the material :-). A really great list!

  22. Also: you open the bathroom door SLOWLY, in case someone forgot to lock it. And automatically look up when the doorbell rings.

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