Making the Most of Australia with Limited Time

By The Flying Pinto

As you fly into any of Australia’s major airports, you may have grand plans of seeing the whole country from its outback deserts to its coral reefs in a matter of days. It’s easy to forget just how massive the country really is, even when you’re flying across it. Whether you have a weekend or a month to spare, you won’t be able to see and do everything that Australia has to offer. You’ll need to think about the type of Australia experience you want to have, and plan accordingly to make the most of your time!

Combine Air and Road Travel

When time is limited, you’ll need to cover thousands of miles in a short time. This usually involves finding domestic flights. Local airlines like Qantas often have the best deals on domestic flights, but use flight comparison tools to get from Sydney to Perth in under a day. Yet Australia also lends itself well to road trips, so consider hiring a car for a few days to get out into the natural side of the country and enjoy its diverse climates. There are a number of day trips you can take from major cities, such as a drive down the Great Ocean Road from Melbourne or a trip into the Blue Mountains from Sydney.

Choose your Own Adventure

If you’re a flight attendant with a few days off before your next long-haul, it may be easier to narrow down what you’ll be able to see and do because you’ll be stationed near a particular city’s airport. This allows you to see the city’s sights in depth and maybe head to the beach for a few surfing lessons and a rest. However, if you have a week or two to spare you’ll need to think about the side of Australia that you most want to see. Are you interested in getting up close and personal with Australian wildlife? Visit urban sights like the Sydney Zoo or venture further afield to Kakadu National Park or Kangaroo Island. Is the main allure of Australia its vast and mysterious outback region? Learn more about 4WD vehicles and hit the road for an off-roading adventure into this rugged territory.

Australia has swiftly become a top destination for food and wine enthusiasts as well, so consider visiting one of its many world class wine regions. The Barossa Valley in South Australia and Margaret River in Western Australia are two of the most celebrated. There ar ea number of food and wine trails you can explore, including the Food and Nature Trail in Tasmania or a Taste of Tropics in Queensland. Yet simply hitting the beach is a perfectly fine way to spend your minimal time as well. With thousands of miles of white sandy beaches and warm water for sporting activities, Australia is well-known for its coastal life. Go scuba diving in the Whitsundays or soak up the social life on iconic Bondi Beach.

The Bottom Line

In many ways, the best way to make the most of limited time in Australia will depend on where you’re flying into. You can use this starting point as a guide for regional activities that will let you enjoy the type of holiday you’re most interested in. The key is to try not to do everything all at once, and give yourself time to relax and enjoy the spectacular Australian scenery.



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