How to Find Cheap Flights

By The Flying Pinto

The price of flights has soared in recent years. Remember the days when you could bag a flight to Spain for a small contribution? Not anymore.

Even the budget airlines are charging more for short haul flights due to rising fuel costs, materials and other things. This means that when you’re on the look out for a quick get away with friends or a budget break for the family, you might have to pay out more than you anticipated.

However, with a little bit of careful planning it is still possible to get cheap flights cialis generika rezeptfrei. If you’re hoping to jet off for a fraction of the price, take a look at these top tips to help you find cheap flights.


Be flexible with times and dates


The price of flights varies significantly depending on the time, day and season in which you’re flying. Try and avoid peak seasons, such as summer, Christmas and other school holidays and remember that midweek flights are usually cheaper than those travelling at the weekend.


If you’re not fussy about when you fly, try early in the morning or late at night as fewer people are willing to travel at those times so you’ll receive a sizeable discount.


The time at which you place your booking can also affect the price you pay so either book well in advance or, if you’re comfortable taking the risk, leave it till last minute when you may get a more competitive deal as airlines rush to fill remaining seats.


Change airport


Most of us choose to fly from our nearest airport, but flying from a different one could cut the cost. Make sure you add in the cost of travelling to the airport though, otherwise you could end up out of pocket.


You can also change your destination airport. Lots of places have a secondary airport so see if it’s cheaper to fly to an alternative.


Again, make sure you check the price of travel once you land and know the route you need to take to reach your accommodation.


Alternative route


Flying direct often comes at a premium price, so if you’re willing to fly via another airport then you might find it costs less. This isn’t very practical for short haul flights, but if you’re travelling around the world, it’s a great idea.


Book early or late


You know what they say? The early bird catches the worm.


If you’re looking to find cheap flights with airlines such as Monarch, it’s best to get in there early – you can even book now for summer 2014! The only other alternative is leaving it until a few days before you want to go, but there will obviously be less choice and more risk involved.


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