As a flight attendant (uniform) and mom (yoga pants) I find one of the only times I dress up is to fly or more specifically, nonrev. Non-reving or space available travel are airline terms for non-revenue passengers or employees and their pass riders. Sad but true I get excited to nonrev because I can pull out my nice clothes to wear. This is one great way to tell who the non-revs are on your flight but, a few “real” passengers still dress nice so I asked my fellow galley gabbers, “how else can you tell who is nonreving on your flight?” Here is their top ten list:

10. They bring treats for the crew.

9. Being way too helpful with the other passengers and answering questions.

8. They are the last to board.

7. Cover their head with a blanket or jacket like a tent and don’t ask for anything.

6. They’re seated at the exit rows.

5. The luggage (mainly the tote bag).

4. They ask “Do you have enough?” when offered anything.

3. They’re seen rearranging the overheads and seem to know just how to arrange everything like pieces in a puzzle.

2. On the rare occasion they’re in first class, they eat and drink you out of house and home!

1. It’s stamped on their forehead…duh;)

Then there’s the bad nonnrevs but, that’s another post! Can you tell who the nonrevs are? Did we miss anything? Join us on Facebook, twitter and pinterest! And, check out the discounts I’ve scored exclusively for readers of The Flying Pinto “here!” You’ve got until this Thursday to enter “here” to win a YEARS WORTH OF HOSIERY FOR FREE!!

Safe Flying!


Jon Stewart image by © Robert Trachtenberg/CORBIS OUTLINE



  1. LM Sawyer @ 2012-11-12 09:47

    Although I am no longer a flight attendant and do not nonrev, I am one of those few passengers who “dresses up” to fly. I fly often and am usually seated in an exit row. I get upgraded to first class if space is available because of the amount I fly, and I want to always look like I belong in first class, because I’ve also found that gate agents are quicker to upgrade me if I’m dressed appropriately. Also, on holidays I bring treats for all the crew members, including the pilots, and I always bring magazines for the flight attendants. I’ve also been known to rearrange overheads!

  2. They wear nice black pieces of clothing that travel anywhere and are comfortable and pleasant to all

  3. This is soo true! I am the daughter of a FA, and going to interview for a FA position later this month. Whenever I fly NonRev I am always on my best behavior. I dress up, have manners that would impress Queen Elizabeth, and always try and be as helpful as possible. It’s a privilege to be able to fly NonRev, which is why whenever I have someone join me who has never flown NonRev before, I spend quite a bit of time briefing them pre flight. Haha

    By the way I love your blog! 🙂

  4. Oh and they will tell you things about the airline they worked for that no working FA will ever tell you (well most of the time that is)! A chatty FA is a blogger dream flight BTW! Rene

  5. Hahah. This is brilliant and so accurate. There is nothing worse than knowing you’re the nonrev in business class, being treated like royalty and not paying a penny.

    Worthwhile, but guilty–story of a nonrev.

  6. In some government owned airlines, it is the reverse. Many inflight non-revs join up and empty the galley into their own bags along hte crew even before service starts. This is often the case with airlines in India

  7. Non-revs are the ones sitting at the gate watching flight after flight leave without them…

  8. Lovehound @ 2012-11-27 15:15

    I miss being non rev, but the above is so true.
    I would alway sit be quiet ask for nothing and I suppose you could always tell when I boarded as I had a big Cheshire Cat grin (actually getting on board was enough)