Out of the Mouth of Babes

By The Flying Pinto

The little girl, with dark curls framing a cherub face, ordered beverages for her family.  She is adorable, I think.  Polite and well-spoken, this little cutie smiles up at me.

“My mommy will have cranberry juice.  And, my sister will have milk.  She’s still little.”  The little girl giggles.  A seven hour friendship begins between me and my new bestie, 5 year old Brenna.  Animatedly, Brenna tells me she doesn’t like green beans, but her mommy wants her to eat them anyway.  The 757 blows through the clouds as Brenna entertains me.

Brenna’s mommy isn’t feeling well, so I’m helping this darling girl with the bulky bathroom door. She has finished in the bathroom, and as I’m opening the door for her I ask Brenna if she has washed her hands.  She squeals, “No!” and we both laugh.  I tell her how important it is to wash our hands.  “This plane is soooo dirty!”  She erupts in giggles again.  Brenna washes her hands while I hold the faucet lever down for her.  What a little sweetie pie.

Upon landing, the medics come onboard and help Brenna’s mom off the plane.  I’m holding Brenna, keeping her occupied, while her mom is being helped.  Through it all, Brenna is still talking!  Talking about the plane, her sister, what she thought of our pretzels and how she can’t wait to see her daddy.

Our captain is standing near so I say to Brenna, “Brenna?  Tell Mr. Pilot what we do in the bathroom.”

“We poop!” she squeals.

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Happy Flying!



  1. Aw. I hope Brenna’s mom was OK. My husband once answered a “Is there a doctor on board?” page. To this day, I don’t believe he was the only physician on board. Fortunately, his aero-patient felt better after laying down on the floor with her feet elevated and he didn’t have to request an emergency landing — which would have resulted in us missing a connecting flight — but you do what ya’ gotta do.

  2. You post about the little girl has put a big smile on my face…Thank you

  3. A little kindness never hurt anybody and it doesn’t cost much either. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I have retired from flying. Your post made me missed flying.

  5. I love it! Kids say the funniest things.