The World’s Most Popular Flight Routes

By The Flying Pinto

Over 2.5 billion people take flights every year on an international or domestic flight basis. Air traffic continues to grow at the rate of approximately 5% per year and there are some routes that beat all others in term of popularity.

You might think that international cities such as New York, Paris or London would have the busiest flight routes. Perhaps sun-drenched tourist destinations such as Spain, Greece or Italy would make the top ten list of the most popular flight routes in the world.

You may be one of millions of people setting out on last minute holidays in 2014 but unless you are flying from Gimpo airport in Seoul, South Korea to Jeju Island you won’t be on the world’s busiest flight routes. It may also come as a surprise that there is only one international flight route named in the top 10 busiest flight routes in the world.

The world’s busiest flight routes

Around 10.1 million passengers fly on the Jeju to Seoul flight route each year making this the world’s most popular flight route. Jeju Island is located in the south of Korea and is known as haven for beach lovers and honeymooners as well as a popular stag night destination. Seven of the top ten most popular flight routes are based in Asia while the remaining three are Africa, South America and Oceania. Only one international flight makes the top ten list and that’s the route between Hong Kong and Taipei.

Busiest US air routes

Everyone loves New York, well almost every one and this amazing city hits seven out of the top ten most popular US city flight routes. Almost nine million passengers fly between New York and Florida each year making this the most popular flight route in the US. A London to or from New York flight route is another popular choice and this route services almost four million passengers per year. Los Angeles is another major US city and the L.A. to or from San Francisco or Oakland flight routes attracts over six million passengers per year.

Top 3 busiest air routes by region

Air traffic passenger figures continue to grow each year and Asia leads the way with almost 800 million passengers per year. Coming up behind Asia is Europe with a passenger volume of 680 million per year while North American flights service almost 600 million passengers per year. Passenger numbers continue to increase each year and Asian flights for example saw a 9% increase during from 2011 to 2012. In total there are 300 world super routes and these routes attract 20% of all air travel with Asia being the most competitive flight market in the world.



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