The Caribbean: Where Dreams Are Made?

By The Flying Pinto

The Caribbean is perhaps one of the most luxurious destinations in the world, which is why Caribbean holidays has certainly entered into mainstream culture during the past 50 years. Still, there are some who are wondering if this tropical paradise has lost a bit of its luster with locations such as China, Singapore and Malaysia catering to a growing number of tourists. Has the Caribbean truly taken a back seat to such regions or is this cerulean blue hiatus still just as appealing as it once was?

All About Location

First, you need to appreciate the fact that for both Europeans and Americans, arriving to the Caribbean is normally only a question of a few hours by plane. This is one of the most pronounced differences between this region and other locations that are thousands of nautical miles away. In simpler terms, the Caribbean offers a convenience that cannot be matched by a host of other venues.

A Sense of Home

With any international excursion, there’s always a slight culture shock to be experienced. The extent of this shock can even equate to the enjoyment of a holiday. Thankfully, the Caribbean can be seen as a veritable “melting pot” between Europe, South America and the United States. The dollar is as readily accepted, as well as the pound and the euro, in most locations. English is the predominant language closely followed by French and Spanish. These will all enable the visitor to easily integrate into the environment while not feeling as if he or she is a stranger in a stranger land.

Undeniable Beauty

Of course, the most alluring aspect of all Caribbean holidays is the fact that these countless islands are located in what many consider one of the most inviting and temperate regions of the world. Punctuated by pristine beaches, a welcoming sun and warm temperatures, these islands represent what can only be called a slice of heaven on earth. Above all, this is what has served to draw so many tourists to this location for countless years. Barring the occasional tropical storm, blue skies and gentle waves all but dominate this region.

Another amenity not to be taken lightly is the sheer number of holiday packages to this region. These will save time and money while providing first-class accommodation. So, it is quite clear that dreams are still made in this paradise of sea and sand.


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