We’re Having Divas for Dinner

By The Flying Pinto

Guest post by Debbie Powell

The three self-entitled princesses sat squished together in their seats, looking down their long noses at anyone who tried to interrupt their inflight movie.  They barely acknowledged the flight attendants in the aisle, giving only an occasional sidewards glance if we tried to get their attention to offer a drink or a meal.

The “princesses” have been my challenge tonight.  Drink orders were impossible with these three, and when I moved past them, they yanked an earphone out and barked.

My “chicken or beef” offering was a chore that left other passengers, ready with earphones out, frustrated and hungry after these three finally decided their meals.

I’m once again waiting on the princesses in 18 J,K and L.  I tried to pull the beverage cart past so that Julie, on the other side, would have to take care of them.  But Julie was on to me and snapped the break in place faster than I could keep it rolling.  Julie winked at me.

“Ladies,” I say, “What can I get you to drink?”  Silence.  “Anything more to drink?”  I flutter my hands in front of a video screen.  Princess 18J’s eyes blinked; I saw it.  Still nothing.  Ok, I think, they aren’t interested in my liquid gifts.   There are other passengers that will be impressed by my can opening skills.  I move on to row 19…

A flurry of activity erupted out of seats 18 J, K and L.  Earphones have been yanked out, videos have been frantically paused, eyes are darting between each other and to me.  But I’m the one feeling the pain.

“You skipped us!”
“A drink?!?”
“We are right…here!”

My head spins….

“Ladies, I was right here offering you a drink…”  I move past my obvious irritation and ask, “What would you like?”

“You choose.”  All princesses are once again looking straight ahead, earphones back in, videos whirring…

I choose?  What?  I CHOOSE?!?  My head is blending my own quick-fire mixology recipes…
A tomato juice and coffee mixture…  Coke, orange juice and a dash of leftover chicken…  I could have a lot of fun with this.  Well, I have chosen.  I “choose” to move to row 19.

A flurry of activity again erupts from 18 J, K and L.

I wink at Julie.

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  1. Oh, coffee and tomato juice! You have wonderfully funny thoughts running through your head.

  2. WOw. Cool. I know you enjoyed!