Thank you to everyone who has read and posted some amazing reviews of my new book, The Flying Pinto’s Flight Attendant Survival Guide! I’ve gotten great feedback and am excited to give out five copies to my lucky winners! Well, make that seven! I had seven comments, too hard to pick five (I love you all so much)! So, if you left a comment on my post two weeks ago, email me or message me on facebook and I will get you your promo code.

Whether being a flight attendant is still in the dream phase or you’ve just started your journey my survival guide will answer all your questions about your flight attendant career. Everything from crash pads to love relationships to hotels and layovers and more! Available on iBooks, Nook, Vook and Amazon.




  1. Wow! Just found your blog. And I think I really need this book. I just started my initial course this monday, so If everything goes as planned – I´m a flight attendant in June 🙂

    Haven´t checked where I can buy your book yet, but i am definately going to buy it. Your book, and Heaters book 🙂

    It would be so cool If you checked out my blog. It´s brand new, but I think it´s starting to look good.

    Take a look at

    I´m glad I found your blog. Added to my favorite right away! 🙂

  2. The Flying Pinto @ 2013-05-09 19:59

    Congrats Tom! You will definitely find everything you need to know for your new adventure in my book, The Flight Aatendant Survival Guide! You can find it on Amazon, Nook and iBooks (the link is above in the post and on the side bar) ! And, I will absolutely check out your blog! Cheers! Sara

  3. The trip blog team would like to say that this is a great book. We will recommend it to everybody and to our readers. We are ready to publish a review at our blog if you want to. Beleive me guys the best answers you can receive are only from professionalist.

  4. Just like Tom,I just found out your blog today from my friends facebook post. And being a fresh graduate of Tourism, I’ll be applying in an airlines here in the Philippines soon. 🙂 Now, I’m reading all your blogs and can’t wait to share my experience too being a flight attendant (someday). Haha.(I wish!)And be just like you, who inspires many people who wants to be a flight attendant someday. Your blog makes me push to apply as a flight attendant now. Haha. And I’m getting confused to grab the opportunity. By the way, I just bought your book at Amazon and can’t wait to read it.