The Perfect Travel Mug from Contigo

By The Flying Pinto



English Translation of CONTIGO: With you

If you are a flight attendant or any road warrior for that matter, you’ll know what I am talking about when I say it is hard to find the perfect travel mug or water bottle. Starbucks gets expensive, but I had yet to find a hot travel mug that didn’t leak. Keeping it hot actually became secondary on my wish list! Just give me something that doesn’t leak!!I am happy to say I found it! Contigo’s West Loop Stainless Steel Travel Mug is the answer! I’ve been flying for almost twenty years and this is the first mug that I’ve found that doesn’t leak or explode in my carry on! As a bonus it keeps my tea hot, in fact it may do too good of a job there! Not realizing it would be just as hot as when I sealed it, I burnt my tongue the first time out! I have flown several times now with it and my daughter’s Scout Cup, she’s also a tea drinker, and no leaks! Not one! I’ve even placed them upside down for take off just to really test them out!

I know, you are probably wondering how to bring these travel mugs through security. Obviously, you have to bring them empty through security check points, but once inside you can head to Starbucks for a fill. Starbucks gives 10% off when you use your own travel mug. And, no promises, but when I ask them for hot water, with every intention of paying, they’ve gladly filled me up at no charge! I just tip and make my own tea.

While I’m sharing great ideas, I also found the perfect solution for carrying your travel mug. It fits perfectly in my Swinging Cup! An ingenious invention by a pilot! Now you can pull your bag, talk on your phone and carry your coffee! Best part is, it works!!

Check out to get your West Loop mug and other great travel mugs and water bottles. All are either stainless steel and/or BPA free! You can enjoy a 20% discount by using the code: COMMUTERPROMO Also, be sure to join us on facebook and twitter for upcoming promotions and give aways!



  1. I was given one of these as a gift a couple of years back and it has now become my go to gift for all of my coffee / tea drinking friends and family. I LOVE my contigo and never travel anywhere (car or plane) without it!

  2. Those mugs are beautiful. I bet they are just as functional.

    It can get really expensive buying a new cup of coffee at every turn.

    This way your coffee stays hot and you look stylish drinking it.

  3. I have read an article about this just a while ago and again here in your blog. This is indeed a must have for every traveler.

  4. I have one and its the best.

  5. I’ve been looking at a contigo mug, they seem nice if i didn’t have my tiger sahara mug I picked up in Tokyo. Love the thing, but this Contigo may give it a run for the money.

  6. Oh cool I’ve been looking for a good travel mug… a stainless steel one that specifically doesn’t leak in my carry on. Thanks for the tip!

  7. I love these mugs. BEST invention for flight attendant fatigue and travel chaos:)

  8. I have read that one article it’s very useful for any traveller which one visited anywhere in the world. These things are important for all.

  9. You are right, the greatest problem in using a travel mug is that they get a leak. I have spoiled my dresses many times while traveling. Thanks for the suggestion, I will try it.

  10. The best purchase I made this year. Now, I’m planning to make it as holiday gifts to all my busy and always going friends and family. Thank you. Always with you Contigo “)