My dream holiday gift? My own plane. Seriously.

By The Flying Pinto

How cool would it be to have your own airplane? Just imagine it: you could fly whenever you want, wherever you want, and be in control of it on a level that few people get to experience in their lives. While I’m dreaming about it, I’ll lay out the top 5 gifts that would make me the happiest gal in the skies.

1. My own plane, first of all. I’ll take a used one, too, thank you very much. <a href=" http://www cialis in”>Lycoming engines are manufactured in Pennsylvania so the next time I’m around that state, I’ll swing by and grab one. They’ve been around since the 1930s so I think they’re a safe bet.

2. My own aircraft hangar that contains a hot tub for when I’m waiting on the handsome pilot. They always look so cold in movies, when the bad guys are about to take off and the good guys show up and have to hide in the hangar. A hot tub, preferably a really big one that has a built in bar, is a necessity here.

3. A handsome pilot, preferably the relative of someone famous. He’d be named something rugged like Dirk.

4. Rolling luggage by Louis Vuitton. With my own plane I’d expect the luggage to take less of a beating but accidents happen, so I’d rather be prepared with something that can get rained on, fall over into a mud puddle, yet still look amazing.

5. Gucci sunglasses to wear as I exit the plane, which makes me look like a celebrity and hide the dark circles. As a flight attendant, the idea of sleeping on a plane is just so foreign that I’m not sure I could do it even off the job.

So where would I go, while I’m dreaming?

Copenhagen is gorgeous and clean, and with more people using bikes than cars to get around the city, it’s a place that would encourage me to be more active. Have you ever had a Danish coffee? It will cost you three times as much as a latte in the States but it’s three times as good. And the crepes!

Ever been to Crete? The food is amazing. Restaurant owners walk out to grab some fresh herbs and toss them on your food and I can’t begin to describe how fantastic the feta is. Coastal Crete is great for swimming so that’s high on my list.

As much as I’d like to list New York, the idea of flying a tiny plane into that giant city scares me to death. Still, my handsome pilot could surely handle it right? He could double as my shopping assistant and carry all the bags, too.

If you could dream up a travel gift like this, what would you choose and where would you go?



  1. First, this made me laugh, so thanks for that!

    Now, while I would very much LOVE to have my own plane (along with accompanying gorgeous, rugged, manly pilot with a hot tub hanger), I think I would actually choose a sailboat as my dream gift. A sailboat with a gorgeous, rugged, manly captain…and a hot tub, that is. 🙂

    Now, my reasons for choosing a sailboat over plane (or some other mode of transport) are primarily because boats are easier and less costly to maintain and they can go totally off the radar. While planes still need to report flight logs, etc., sailboats can decide to sail around the world and there’s no need to tell anyone anything about where you’re going or where you’ve been. That can just be between you and your boat.

    Plus, I really love being on the water. It’s insanely peaceful.

    Oh, and the name I would choose for my boat? Yeah, I have that picked out too: “Exit Strategy”

  2. Hold up!
    By the sounds of it, you want to own the plane but have someone else fly it? What about a pilot’s license? Why depend Dirk? Hire him for the eye candy and then tell him to shove over to the First Officer’s seat. This is YOUR plane.

    Haha; but here’s the important part:
    When you get your plane, don’t forget to take me along with you! (After all, you’ll need someone to serve you a glass of champagne.)