The Case for Krabi: Thailand’s Most Beautiful Province

By The Flying Pinto

Thailand has long been a favourite destination for tourists of all types. From the lush mountains in the north to the idyllic beaches that line the country’s extensive coastline; Thailand is a true paradise for all who visit.

For visitors looking to experience some of Thailand’s lesser known gems, the province of Krabi is teeming with untouched beaches, staggering cliffs and crystal clear waters that will take your breath away. Krabi holidays offer tourists a taste of Thai life in an up and coming area with something for everyone.

Whether you’re in the market for inexpensive backpacker huts, a rock climbing holiday, a family-friendly resort or a romantic honeymoon; Krabi is guaranteed to meet (and likely exceed) your expectations.
Here are some of the region’s best bets for holiday fun.

Ao Nang

Touted as Krabi’s tourist mecca, Ao Nang is convenient for those looking to indulge in sun, sand and all the amenities a resort holiday can offer. Whatever this tourist haven lacks in authenticity, it makes up for in convenience and hospitality – the people here pride themselves on being the friendliest and most laid back in the entire region. With a string of hotels and resorts lining the white sand beaches of Ao Nang, visitors are sure to have their pick of picturesque sunset views, beachfront dining and creature comforts.


The Phi Phi Islands

This small group of islands were originally home to a small fishing and farming community. In the 1980’s the islands became a backpacker’s mecca and today the region is known internationally as one of the most beautiful locations on earth. The Phi Phi Islands boast dive schools, five-star hotels, delicious restaurants and beachside bars. Aside from the stunning natural beauty of the area, the locals are some of the friendliest you will ever meet and the bohemian feel to the islands’pace and style make it a truly enchanting destination.


Koh Jum

This small island located 25km off the coast of mainland Krabi is dominated by the lush peak of Ko Pu. Towering roughly 400 metres above sea level, the rugged terrain stands in direct contrast to the flat rubber plantations and scrubland on the south part of the island. The west coast is where visitors will find a collection of bungalow resorts on the Andaman sea but there is little else to do here except ‘get away from it all’. With only one dive school and no proper ‘attractions’ to speak of, Koh Jum is one of Thailand’s few undeveloped treasures.


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