Travel Pro Packing Tips

By The Flying Pinto

What type of baggage do you have? Ok, that may be a personal question, but what bag you choose to travel with can affect your trip in a positive or negative way. Not all bags are created equal, your individual needs will determine what type of bag you need to have a successful travel day. Start with the right brand. Travel Pro, the first rollaboard suitcase, was invented by a pilot and is the trusted brand of both flight attendants, pilots and frequent fliers.

  • The Business Traveler: A wheeled garment bag is best for most business travelers. The clothes packed need to arrive as pressed as possible. Packing in a garment bag allows you arrive to that business meeting that starts an hour after you land looking like you didn’t just get off an airplane. It also has ample room for everything else you need to pack.
  • The Family: When the entire family travels together and there are two adults involved, I recommend two roller boards. A larger one (22″ or larger) for checking and a smaller (18-22″) for carrying on. Mix and match clothing, meaning make sure everyone has at least a couple of outfits in the carry on suitcase just in case the airline “ahem” misplaces your checked bag. Checking one bag allows you to bring whatever size liquids you need while helping stream line your trip through security…one less thing to pull out in the TSA line. Also, it frees one parents hands to help with the kids while the carry on suitcase can “carry” your cooler and smaller carry on.
  • The Solo Traveler: A perfect bag for you is the 18″-22″ roller board. If you’re headed on vacation and not packing business attire you are free to roll your clothes which saves space and keeps your clothes mostly wrinkle free. Choose outfits that mix and match and softer fabrics that can be rolled tight. You’ll be surprised how much fits.
  • The Over-nighter: (the deluxe rolling tote with computer sleeve) I know some extremely talented packers (flight attendants) and if you are going somewhere for just a day or two this bag can suit all your needs. Fits both your clothes and computer and less is always more when flying.

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  1. Michael Hengler @ 2012-02-16 16:43

    Once again, practical tips which I enjoy reading and implement when travelling. I have used TravelPro luggage exclusively for at least 18 or 20 years. Extremely durable and never shows age. Thanks for sharing, Flying Pinto. I genuinely enjoy reading your blogs and posts.

  2. Bob Dole @ 2012-02-16 16:53

    It’s rollaboard, (or roll-aboard), not “rollerboard”.

  3. The Flying Pinto @ 2012-02-16 17:19

    Thank you Michael!

    Bob, Lol, really? Thanks, geez you’d think I would know that being from Boston;) Ok, bad joke…I get it roll-aboard like rolling it aboard. I’m a little slow, thanks for the clarification. Cheers!

  4. I enjoyed reading your blogs…those posts could really help travelers…thanks Flying Pinto!

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  7. I admit that when I first started traveling more heavily there was definitely a learning curve. I didn’t always bring the right bag or I would make travel harder than it needed to be by bringing unnecessary items with me. Now that I’m much more efficient I try and make sure that everything gets into carry on with me. I agree that fabrics should be rolled to save you space.

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  9. I travel thru ORD three times a year on a 2-night business trip. I use a backpack with the TSA-approved spot for the laptop, where I also stuff a few file folders. (No complaints so far.) I’m usually flying on the tiny commuter planes & I check the bag on the jetway for under-plane travel. The backpack is handy for quick connections across several ORD terminals, or for those 2-4 hour layovers when you want to walk and wander without dragging a bag in a crowd.

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