Ana from facebook wants to know the best way to answer this flight attendant interview question:

“Why do you want to become a flight attendant?”

The running joke with this question is to say, “I love people and I love to travel!” Ask any flight attendant on a bad day why they’re a flight attendant and it’s likely they’ll say that phrase….sarcastically. I consulted my friend Kate who is an airline recruiter, who by the way is a flight attendant. Most airlines hire their own flight attendants to recruit, which is great because who understands what it takes to do this job more than someone who already does it? Luckily Kate was more than happy to answer this question:

“That question is a standard part of our interview, but not always asked. I liked to ask it. It wasn’t unusual for the applicant to answer “I love people and I love to travel”. That is fine, but they need to be more specific. Such as, in what areas of prior employment did you get the most interaction with customers and why does that lead them to the airline industry. We both know the importance of personal interaction with customers, even though some flight attendants think they are only there for safety!

Also, regarding the “love to travel”, the applicants should have a good understanding of the of time involved in travel away from home. It was important to me to get a good job fit, with the job fitting the applicant. The new flight attendant is happy and she makes the customer happy. I could go on, but it’s cocktail hour!”

Lol, typical flight attendant! Thanks, Kate! That is very good advice! I think what she mentions about being more specific is extremely important with every question you are asked in the flight attendant interview. When they ask something like, “What is a good example of customer service?” They’re are not looking for a vague answer of what you might think customer service is. What the recruiter wants to hear is a specific example of customer service that you have delivered! Be specific with every question asked and give personal experiences, it will separate you from the crowd and might just be the beginning of your flight attendant career !

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Cheers and happy flying!



  1. This is a great topic for both people in the airline industry as well as the passengers.

    I have been flying for 14 years and am both happy and sad that passengers are surprised at how much I appear to still love my job. I really do!

    Is it always easy? NO Being a flight attendant can be a lot of work.
    Is it always fun? If you make it so! Yeah, there are days when I am thoroughly exhausted.
    As far as I am concerned, on my end, they don’t pay me enough to have a bad time.
    On the passengers side, they get enough aggregation going through security and everything else that involves getting to me. Why shouldn’t they have a nice, relaxing and yes, fun, flight?!

    Over the last 14 years, I have seen a lot. I remember a time when the recruiting was not left up to actual people qualified for the job since said people seemed to be hiring those who had no clue what-so-ever what they were coming in to! I remembering overhearing one particular female cursing in the flight lounge with demands on how long SHE was going to give them to have her on reserve! We had such a high turn over because these new flight attendants must have thought that we just walk around “looking pretty”.

    Especially with todays industry atmosphere, liking your job is more difficult. It’s not always glamorous and we are not always jaunting around the world! I made the decision a long time ago that what I have to walk through (the constantly changing rules and regulations and office demands) is NOT my job. Meeting new people and learning new things, making their day great so that they want to fly again and get their trips off to a great start so that they want to keep traveling IS my job. I bid for cities that I would like to see or those that I already love and want to get back to see something I missed the last time. It really can be great!

    As far as the height to weight that used to be….please for the love of God bring it back (within reason) along with taking better care of your employees! For a lot of crew members, if we were given the time and resources to eat properly, then perhaps there wouldn’t be such huge flight attendants! Perhaps when you stick us in Detroit for 5 HOURS waiting to go back to Cincinnati, there could be a way for us to work out and shower before going back to work. While not everyone would do it, I certainly would. Instead, I was completely fatigued from doing nothing. Exercise releases endorphins which would make a much happier flight attendant! 🙂

  2. Cedarglen @ 2011-09-16 20:47

    @Christina got it right, “…they don’t pay me enough to have a bad time.” FF PAX are well aware that most FAs have suffered greatly in the last 10+ years and that as a class, you are NOT paid enough. That said, I still wonder why so many FA bloggers spend so much time bitching about the PAX. Today’s mix of PAX is NOT the same as it was in 1955 or 1965 and no, we are not headed back to those days. Deal with it, or do something else. The public complaints get a bit stale. As one who has been flying (only as PAX) since 1956 or ’57, my only relief from the Unwashed Masses is to buy or chit my butt into a better cabin. I do. A few more months and I’ll be able to ground myself. Probably forever. -C.

  3. Stephanie @ 2011-09-26 16:00

    I’m thinking of being a flight attendant, but I think that the hard work that is done can cause me a lot of pain. I have arthritis in my hip. I love flying and I remember being a kid and wanting to do what those ladys did, but will they hire me? I can live with the pain, but I just want to know if they would even give me a chance.
    I’m 18 years old, just graduated high school this year, I’m 5’5 and weigh 145(mostly muscle :D), I also speak spanish, I’m great with people, but like I said; my hip is the only problem I see with getting the job. I know that they like fit and healthy people thats why i ask. I don’t want to go if there is no chance. 🙂

  4. Stephanie, I have had arthritis since I was a little girl. I had my first knee replacement when I was 26. I will be 64 next year. First, arthritis does NOT get any better, although during the child-bearing years, for me, it seemed to be a bit ‘on hold.’ But second, if you are interested in a job which requires the physical stress of walking, sometimes in turbulent conditions, check about a hip replacement now. They are done quickly and with minimal pain and down time. You may be quite surprised at the results.

    A lot depends on the type of arthritis you have, too. I live with the pain, daily, but it can exhaust me some days. I am quite active (at the moment we are babysitting twin, year old grandsons! We also do rescue work with horses), but I find I need breaks more and more often during my days. You are still quite young, but arthritis can be nasty.

    Actually, in the long run, my advice is “don’t challenge your hip.” You want it as long as possible, because even a hip replacement doesn’t last forever. Get some weight off if you can and save it that, too. In the meantime, there are many, many jobs which are people-oriented and the fact that you are bilingual is a huge advantage for you. Consider something that does not contribute to the early loss of your mobility.

  5. I want to thank you Sarah for all your information and help! I was recently hired with United and my training starts in December! My career is taking off.

  6. It’s funny because I always wanted to be a flight attendant because “I love people and I love to travel.” I have been working for a regional airline for almost 2 years and I still feel the same way. There are definitely hard days, but for the most part the job itself is fairly easy and I love what I do. One of the greatest things for me was having the feeling that I had started a real career, not just a job.

  7. jennifer @ 2011-11-18 15:16

    please, anyone can tell me what it is to work as a flight attendant, I am 24 and change of career to become a flight attendant. I always wanted to be one. If any professionals, please email me back. I would appreciate receiveing some feedback.
    Thank you

  8. Hello,
    does having a BA in psychology relate to or help with becoming flight attendant?
    Thank you,

  9. Hello,
    I’ve been reading this blog for about 10-15 minutes and it has already been so helpful. I’m updating my resume and someone told me using keywords is really important. Do you have any advice about good keywords to use? Thanks so much


  10. tanya katrina tirambulo javier @ 2012-03-14 10:00

    I just had my Final Interview at Qatar airways open house recruitment. It was fun, i passed the exams, i had a group inter action and hopefully in 3 weeks i will be notified if I passed the final interview or not

  11. Jami Duncan @ 2012-11-27 07:51

    I have always wanted to be a flight attendant but ended up getting married and having a family. My kids are now grown and I am single, so I figured now would be the perfect opportunity for me. Still trying to figure out the best way to prepare for an interview and some of the questions I may be ask. Also what’s the best way to search for airlines hiring?

  12. melody Braun Wilds @ 2012-11-28 10:55

    Jami, Your the perfect candidate. You have raised a family. You can handle a crisis, be on time with schedules. Follow a mix of schedules and be on time. Most of all handle different personality of your children. This are all key words to use in your sit down job interview. Please also tell your interviewee that this is your dream job and that you have raised your family and now you can travel the world. By the way United Airlines is hiring. Good Luck! I have been flying for almost 15 years. Former Continental. I love my job and the flexibility it offers..

  13. Aaron Boyd @ 2013-07-15 18:54

    I want love to be a flight attendant . I am 29 years of age , a male also I am a deputy sheriff in Indianapolis ,Indiana . I know I would love the job I am a people’s person and love helping people

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